12 Best Anal Fleshlights That Imitate Realistic Butthole

Read on for a tight, realistic insight into the best anal fleshlights.

best anal fleshlight

Fleshlight sleeves are well-known for being fantastic masturbation sleeves with dozens of vagina textures to choose from. But it is not all Fleshlight has to offer.

If delicious butt replicas are what you are searching for, here are the best anal fleshlights you can find.

Top Anal Fleshlights In 2021

Elsa Jean Treat

Elsa Jean Treat


Price: $$
Opening: Female butt
Insertable length: 9”
Diameter: 0.2” – 1.8”

Riley Reid Euphoria

Riley Reid Euphoria


Price: $
Opening: Female butt
Insertable length: 9”
Diameter: 0.5”

Adriana Chechik Next Level

Adriana Chechik Next Level


Price: $$
Opening: Female butt
Insertable length: 9”
Diameter: Varies

Riley Reid Euphoria

1. Riley Reid Euphoria

Best overall

Insertable length: 9 inches | Diameter: 0.5 inches

  • Intensely tight
  • Unique texture
  • Great for guys with small penises
  • Unrealistic texture

The Euphoria is modeled after the adult star Riley Reid. She’s one of the most beloved American pornographic actresses, having won several awards for her work.

Riley has that girl-next-door vibe, with the petite body to match. 

The Riley Reid Euphoria is one of the unique anal fleshlights available. Rather than nubs and bumps, the inside has a cross-hatching pattern like a woven basket. 

Straight away, you’re getting some intensely stimulating pleasure as the pattern starts instantly

It hugs you closely too, as it’s very tight. This makes it great for smaller guys, and those looking for a realistic grip.

Elsa Jean Treat

2. Elsa Jean Treat

Best for gripping sensation

Insertable length: 9” | Diameter: 0.2 – 1.8”

  • A tight, gripping experience
  • Realistic chambers
  • Stimulates the head very well
  • Head stimulation is better for larger guys 

The Treat replicates the delicious booty of Elsa Jean. Elsa is a sweet but sexy stunning adult star, who’s cute and petite. Some of her adorability comes from her youth and natural wonder.

Elsa’s anal tight Fleshlight has several unique chambers, with the second resembling a real rectum the most, but with more intensity. It’s gripping, almost like teeth but without the pain.

The first four inches of texture inside the fleshlight is the tightest part, and that’s where the pleasure comes from.

The rest envelops your head in sensation. It’s very much pleasure-focused, and the tightness makes it feel real.

Adriana Chechik Next Level

3. Adriana Chechik Next Level

Best for large penis

Insertable length: 9” | Diameter: Varies

  • Variable tightness to play with
  • The most realistic section is tightest
  • Good for smaller guys
  • The best section is optimized for larger penises

Here comes the anal replica of a beautiful Adriana Chechik – a stunning pornographic actress who radiates pure sexual energy.

She’s a multi award-winner, proving that despite her small size, her sexual prowess is Next Level.

The Fleshlight – Next Level sleeve – has multiple chambers of differently sized nubs.

There’s some resistance getting into the tight sleeve, but once you pop inside, you’re in for a stimulating time. 

The nubs do their job well, better than the ridges, but the most interesting chamber is about 5.25 inches in.

The ribs in that section are large in a tight space and are placed in an intriguing pattern.

Eva Lovia Spice

4. Eva Lovia Spice

Best for easy cleaning

Insertable length: Just over 9” | Diameter: 0.4 – 1”

  • Very realistic entrance
  • Great for guys of all sizes
  • Easy texture to clean
  • Need lots of lube

Eva Lovia is a stunning beauty and a true sexual fantasy. Her anal Fleshlight is one every fan of hers should adore.

Inside, four different chambers are mind-blowingly tight with a wider area in the middle full of nubs. 

Having the larger (1-inch) middle-chamber makes this fleshlight easy to clean. It will hold a little water, so you can close the sleeves ends then shake it for deep, quick cleaning.

The early textures are useful too – for pleasure. They massage you and resemble a realistic tight rectum, but the later ones envelop your head in stronger sensations.

For larger guys, the final chamber is the tightest and most real of all. It also has a strong suction effect, which can help you climax quickly.

Brandi Love Shameless

5. Brandi Love Shameless

Most exciting unique texture

Insertable length: 9” | Diameter: Varies

  • Continual, unique stimulation
  • The tight opening holds you in
  • Larger chambers are easy to clean
  • May not be tight enough for some

Brandi Love is an adult star that has been bringing us orgasms through the screen for the past 16 years. She’s sexy yet playful, and here you have a chance to penetrate her butt.

The orifice has three textures, the first starting less than an inch in. It has small nubs and is quite tight, and nicely massages your penis. 

The next two chambers are larger and wider but will still catch and rub you pleasurably.

None of the sleeve’s chambers are even slightly similar. Go slow and enjoy the highly differentiated sensations each of them brings.

The patterns are unlike many other Fleshlight textures, too.

Stoya Epic

6. Stoya Epic

Best realistic/exaggerated balance

Insertable length: 9” | Diameter: 0.8”

  • Great balance of real and artificial feelings
  • Most guys can reach the tightest part
  • High-intensity sensation
  • Difficult to clean

Stoya is an outspoken, intelligent woman with as much class as she has sex appeal. She’s a writer and an adult actress, with words as sexy as her body.

Stoya’s booty is brought to you in the Epic sleeve. It mixes realism with unrealistic intensity, to create a perfect in-the-middle experience.

The sleeve is gently ribbed and has medium tightness – it’s not gripping, but you still need lots of lube. Its skin material is thicker. This makes it feel tighter than it is.

As it goes on, it gets more intense than real, with nubs and changes in diameter to hit your sensitive spots in larger chambers. 

Pure Stamina

7. Pure Stamina

Best for stamina

Insertable length: 9” | Diameter: 0.45-0.6

  • Simple to clean
  • Constant stimulation
  • Tight and realistic
  • Single texture

If you don’t want a porn star butt fleshlight, consider the Pure Stamina. It has a more plain, generic exterior.

Its interior is also tamer than many other fleshlights, with one consistent pattern throughout. However, it’s very tight with no breaks from the pattern, so it can quickly drive you to orgasm.

This Fleshlight is supposed to help you build your stamina so that you can last as long as possible (alone or with a partner!).

As you create your longer-lasting erections, you get to experience an intense, constant stimulation.  

Lana Rhoades Karma

8. Lana Rhoades Karma

Best for extreme realism

Insertable length: 9” | Diameter: 0.6-1.2”

  • Can help you last a while
  • Prioritizes realism
  • Repetitive texture means no size misses out
  • Not as tight as would be optimal

Lana Rhoades is an ultra-sexy young porn star, who’s full of fun and smoking hot. She’s classy yet slutty, and innocent yet naughty. 

The star is a clash of contrasting desirable vibes; with a bold attitude, it’s hard not to love. Her personality is complex, but her fleshlight is real and gentle.

It’s a calm sensation – the texture is mainly ridged with a few nubs.

The diameter is also close to a real butt – this makes it less intense, but great for a slow, sensual orgasm.

Go Jolt

9. Go Jolt

Best for travel

Insertable length: 6.5” | Diameter: – 

  • Easier to hide than standard fleshlights
  • Less noise than more complex textures
  • Simple to grip
  • Requires a lot of lube

The Go Jolt is another realistic fleshlight, except this one is even less intense, for prolonged play. It’s ribbed start to finish at a constant diameter, made to feel lifelike.

The result is a satisfying texture that won’t make you orgasm too quickly to enjoy it. Play with tightening and opening the cap at the end of the toy to make it more intense.

Go Jolt doesn’t make you numb like some repetitive textures can – the ribs are well-spaced to avoid that.

It’s also 17% smaller than most fleshlights making it a great travel option and a more discrete toy for someone with a crowded home.

Milan Christopher King

10. Milan Christopher King

Best male butt fleshlight (fleshjack)

Insertable length: 8.5” | Diameter: – 

  • Perfect for gay men
  • Wonderful texture variety
  • Great head stimulation
  • Could be tighter

For the guys who love men, here’s someone you can fantasize about: Milan Christopher.

Unlike the Fleshlight Girls, Milan Christopher isn’t in the adult industry. He’s in the music business, but he’s a proud gay man who knows how attractive he is.

You can penetrate a precise copy of his butt – a riveting cavity of ribs, nub, and some unique textures. 

The nubs will be really intense on your head, while the ribs add a little realism. It’s a luxurious ride of medium-intensity bliss, with well-varied textures.

If Christofer is not your type, discover some of the best Guy Fleshjacks here. 

Dillion Harper Crave

11. Dillion Harper Crave

Best for suction

Insertable length: 9” | Diameter: Wider than most

  • Great for edging
  • Wonderful suction
  • Easy to clean
  • The middle chamber isn’t great for smaller guys

Modeled on the adorable, sexy and girly award-nominated porn star Dillion Harper, the Crave offers lots of ribs with a few long nubs in the middle to tickle your tip.

Although all Fleshlights offer suction, this one showcases it incredibly. The textures don’t overwhelm the suction effect so you can really feel it.

For the larger guys, there are smaller nubs towards the end, too.

It’s an enjoyable, real texture with a little extra added, which sucks and slurps in the wide center. It is great for a long, drawn-out masturbation session.

Ana Foxxx Velvet

12. Ana Foxxx Velvet

Best for vibration

Insertable length: 9” | Diameter: 0.5-0.8”

  • Feels like a vibrator
  • Highly detailed pattern
  • Sensually stimulating
  • Single, repetitive texture may get dull

Ana Foxxx is intensely sexual, with a stunning face and body, and skin so smooth it looks like velvet. She has a monumental number of credits that built up since she started in 2012.

With the Velvet fleshlight, you get extra vibes during your masturbation session. It’s not a vibrator – but the rumbling, beaded texture makes it feel like one.

Yet the sensation isn’t over the top – it’s just enough to be a slightly more intense version of real anal sex.

Velvet’s pattern is very detailed, which is what makes the vibration-like feeling so powerful. If you thrust rapidly, it feels like a vibrating stroker. Go slow to get a sensual, bumpy road.

What To Watch Out For When Shopping For A Fleshlight

There are a few things to consider when figuring out what the best Fleshlight is for you.

Beware Of The Tightness

Tightness has several benefits. It’s great for smaller guys, and it helps men of any size feel the texture more intensely.

A tight entrance is also incredible because it adds realism. Fleshlights will stretch once you’re inside, so a gripping entrance is crucial, holding you inside. It adds tons to the pleasure aspect.

How Realistic You Want It To Be?

Most fleshlights won’t have a realistic texture – but some are designed closer to the real thing.

Besides texture, you can get realism elsewhere. The tightness of the entrance and the tunnel make it pretty close to a real anal experience.

Add some of your favorite lube, and it’s even better. Then to take it way over the top, use a Fleshlight warmer. If you close your eyes, the moist warmth will feel real for sure.

More info in our Fleshlight sleeve warmer review.


Fleshlights aren’t very noisy, and the more subtle the texture, the quieter they are.

Although, if you have the cap on the end of the case screwed on tighter, there are some squelching noises.

But if the cap is too loose, it might rattle around too. That’s a more discreet sound, though.

As for looks, they don’t really look like a discreet Fleshlight. They are big, and most of them look like a real anus.

Make sure you have a good hiding place for your toy!

How To Clean And Dry Your Fleshlight

All fleshlights are made of a mix that includes thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). It’s a porous material that traps moisture easily and can break down over time.

Without a proper care, it can house bacteria and grow mold.

To lengthen the life and make cleaning easier, you can use a condom with fleshlights.

Make sure you clean your fleshlight sleeve very well with soap and warm water. To make cleaning it easier, stick to water-based lubes – they’re easy to clean.

Don’t forget, wash the case too.

Run soapy water through both ends of your fleshlight for 30 seconds, and do the same with the case. Then rinse the outside of the sleeve.

Repeat this, using clean water to rinse away the soap,

Ensure it’s fully dry before your next use. Hang it up for about 24 hours, somewhere ventilated to dry it out.


Fleshlights can be the most realistic toys ever, or far more intense than lifelike.

The realism isn’t all about the texture though, the looks and the tightness are important too.

These 12 all have at least two out of the three requirements for realism covered, so hopefully one is the best anal fleshlight for you.

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