5 Best Anal Douches & Best Ways To Clean Your Asshole

Get a sparkling clean hole for safe and confident play with the best anal douche! Discover what’s best for you and how to properly clean your asshole.

Anal Douches

Has this ever happened to you?

You get a message from a partner who’s in the mood for quality butt time. You respond with a peach emoji and a thumb-up, then it hits you… Your butthole isn’t ready!

What to do? You don’t want to cancel, but you can’t ask your partner to overlook a mess. 

Anal douche to the rescue! A quick squirt up between the cheeks leads to squeaky clean play for everyone so you can focus on your climax, not potential stains. 

Down for the perfect douche? Scroll down to see our picks and the best way to use them.

Top Butt Douches In 2021

BASICS Anal Douche

BASICS Anal Douche


Price: $
Material: Soft plastic
Usable Length: 2.5″
Capacity: 7.6 fl oz
Circumference: 2.75″

Colt Anal Douche

Colt Anal Douche


Price: $$$
Material: Soft plastic and latex
Usable Length: 4.5″
Capacity: 6.8 fl oz
Circumference: 2.75″

Colt Bum Buddy

Colt Bum Buddy


Price: $$
Material: Silicone
Usable Length: 6.5″
Capacity: 15.5 fl oz
Circumference: 3″

1. Colt Anal Douche Kit

Best overall

Material: Soft plastic and latex | Usable Length: 4.5 inches | Capacity: 6.8 fluid oz | Circumference: 2.75 inches 

  • Doubles as a toy
  • Easy to use
  • Low price
  • Packaging not discreet
  • Pieces have a strong odor

The Colt Anal Douche Kit is an anal douche and a cool new toy!

The bulb comes with a slim, 2.25-inch nozzle for beginners or anyone who wants to clean quickly. 

The second nozzle is a bulbed dildo, but you can unscrew the dildo’s head and shoot water out of the plastic toy’s top.

The dildo’s flared base helps it stay put if you get too enthusiastic in the shower. 

It has few downsides though. First, smaller hands struggle with this large bulb.

If your hands fall on the teeny end of the spectrum, you may need both to manage it.

Second, Colt’s latex pieces have a scent that takes several uses to wear off. 

2. BASICS Anal Douche 7.6 fl. oz

Best budget buy

Material: Soft plastic | Usable Length: 2.5 inches | Capacity: 7.6 fluid oz | Circumference: 2.75 inches 

  • Easy to use
  • Low price
  • Small size
  • Extra-firm bulb
  • Hard tip

The BASICS anal douche is everything it promises to be – basic. The simple bulb holds enough water for a one-squeeze session and the pieces clean with no hassle.

If all you need is a small tool for the shower or a quick clean up before a date, this is a great buy for the price.

The only downside? The bulb’s firmness makes it hard to squeeze and the top of the tube feels harder than most would like. 

All that said, the BASICS small size makes for a friendly, easy-to-store anal douche that helps squeeze cleanliness into your tight schedule.

3. Colt Bum Buddy Jumbo Anal Douche

Best for thorough cleaning

Material: Silicone | Usable Length: 6.5” | Capacity: 15.5 fluid oz | Circumference: 3 inches 

  • Deep clean
  • Longer shaft
  • Extra-large bulb
  • Non-discreet packaging
  • Not for beginners

The Colt Bum Buddy takes pride in its “Man-sized” offerings, and it does not disappoint!

With a long shaft and massive bulb, this douche promises a thorough clean. The four mini openings at the tip make for a lovely, deep massage right where you want it.

Unlike other toys, the shaft pulls off easily, no screwing on or off. With a drop of silicone lube, you can slide it up easily inside you and then pull it apart for easy cleanup.

The packaging is not discreet though! If you pick this up in a store, pray it doesn’t fall out of your bag. Online stores deliver it in plain brown paper for you so consider a digital store.

4.  Colt Shower Dildo Douche

Best shower anal douche

Material: Soft plastic, jelly | Usable Length (Dildo): 6.5” | Hose Length: 46” | Circumference: 4.25”

  • Realistic dong
  • No bulb
  • Good for anal and vaginal douching
  • Must be used in the shower
  • Hose not optional

Have you ever stepped into your shower and wondered why you don’t have a dildo attached to your shower hose? Who hasn’t?

The Colt Shower dong shoots water up inside you for the shower experience of a lifetime.

Colt provides a non-tarnish, nickel-free hose with a chrome mount for the dong. The hose comes with the toy so if you already have one, well, now you have two. 

Shower Shot’s star is the jelly dong with a smooth, round head, veined skin, and small holes along the shaft that jet water.

I prefer silicone materials though for the ease of keeping it clean.

The toy comes with rubber washers to help you get a tight fit between the dong and the hose so you don’t lose pressure.

5. Clean Stream Deluxe Shower Enema Set

Upgrade pick

Material: Metal | Shaft Lengths: 4.5” (large), 2.75” (small) | Hose Length: 6 feet | Shaft Circumference: 4.25” (large), 1”(small)

  • Cleans deeper than other models
  • Discreet 
  • Can be attached permanently
  • Requires a shower with pressure gauge
  • No rounded tip for the thinner shaft

This professional piece hooks up to your shower and lets you douche whenever you need a nice, deep clean.

I loved how it looked nothing like a sex toy in my shower. A house guest saw mine and didn’t blink. 

The hose has a large shaft with five small holes along the sides. This option works best before any bum play and gets your insides sparkling. 

There’s a smaller piece that gets you clean fast and works well for beginners, but the top doesn’t have the smooth, round feel of the bigger stem.

Stream Clean comes with four rubber washers to help you install the set, but you must have a shower unit that comes out of the wall.

If you have an electric shower, you’ll need an additional setup to make it work.

Basic installation can get this douche up inside you in a matter of minutes.

The Best Way to Anal Douche and Clean Out Your Asshole

Douching can intimidate beginners, and for good reason. Do it wrong and soon your intestines become dependent on water for bowel movements.

But if you do it right, you can be fresh for a delightful time with butt plugs or anal stretchers.

After your routine bowel movement, you can successfully clean yourself out.

For a quick clean, grab your bulb or shower enema and squeeze or adjust the pressure until a five-inch squirt of water comes out.

If you’re attached to running water, keep the temperature low. 

Lean against the tip of the shaft, but don’t push it in, (unless there’s a toy designed for insertion attached).

Let the water shoot up into your rectum but not past the sigmoid, (the first bend in your colon). To get it right, count to five as you fill up with water.

Move to the toilet and release everything. You will need five repetitions of this or until only clean water comes out of you.

For a deeper, more intense clean, do the same process but count to 30 as you fill yourself up with water.

This pushes the douche up into ascending and transverse colon, (the side and the top), to get every single thing out.

This is much harder to do with a bulb. To get enough water inside you, you’ll need between six to ten refills of the enema bulb.

If water gets trapped inside you, it can cause cramping.

Lay on your left side to help the douche move down and out and relieve the pain. A clockwise belly rub will help, too.

How To Wash Your Anus Without a douche

Step 1: Increase Your Fiber Intake

A high-fiber diet and supplements like psyllium husk twice a day can help you keep clean. Fiber results in better, more consistent bowel movements.

Combine these with a good hygiene regimen and you can come close to the same results as a douche bulb or hose.

Step 2: Use A Water Bottle

A bottle can work for a quick clean. Unscrew the cap, set your bum on the opening, and give a hard sharp squeeze.

Don’t force the top into your rectum because the hard rings on the outside can damage the skin. 

Remember, this is not for regular use! The toxins in plastic damage delicate skin over time, so don’t make this a habit. 

Step 3: Grab the shower hose

Adjust your shower pressure to low and the temperature to a comfortable degree, then remove the showerhead and rest your anus against the flow. 

You can leave the showerhead on if one section provides a gentle flow soft enough for an anus.

With these basic adjustments, your standard shower can be a great substitute and become a homemade anal douche.


The best anal douche leaves you feeling cleansed and comfortable.

Remember, each body responds differently to a douche, so listen to yourself and never do anything that causes pain.

We want you to have all the bum play you can handle, so get your bum sparkling clean for your next round of amazing sex!

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