5 Best All Day Butt Plugs For Extended Long Term Wear

So, you’re in the market for the best all day butt plug? Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friend because we are going deep into the top 5 choices!

All Day Butt Plugs

But before we get into the particulars of the best butt plugs for extended wear, there are a few things you need to know upfront.

The best wearable butt plugs have three main features:

  • a thin neck for comfort;
  • a wide flat base so it doesn’t get sucked up into your A-hole;
  • and made from SOFT n’ BENDY silicone to move with you. 

Sure, there is a whole sexy world of butt plugs out there, in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

But if it doesn’t tick ALL three of the above boxes, then it’s just not for all-day wear. 

We’ll go into these three features in more detail a little later. 

But for now, let’s get to the good stuff…

Top All Day Anal Plugs In 2021

SquarePeg Supersoft

SquarePeg Supersoft


Price: $$
Material: Silicone
Insertable Length: 3.5”-5.6”
Diameter: 1.59”-1.9”
Color: Bronze

B-Vibe Weighted

B-Vibe Weighted


Price: $$$
Material: Silicone
Insertable Length: 3”-5”
Diameter: 1.2”-1.7”
Color: Blue, Black, Purple, Pink

Luxe Wearable

Luxe Wearable


Price: $
Material: Silicone
Insertable Length: 2.75”-3”
Diameter: 1”-1.5”
Color: Black, Purple

B-Vibe Weighted Butt Plugs

1. B-Vibe Weighted Butt Plugs

Overall best

Material: Silicone | Insertable Length: 3” – 5” | Diameter: 1.2”- 1.7” | Color: Blue / Black / Purple / Pink | Extra Features: Weighted jingling balls inside, has vibrating option

With these plugs, you get comfort, pleasure, and variety. You have 4 sizes to choose from: beginners, medium, large, and XL. And three different colors. 

Just because it’s hiding up your butt doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty, right?

In terms of comfort, they have the thinnest and most flexible neck on the butt plug market.

So, even with the XL butt plug, (which has a hefty weight of 350g and an insertable length of 5”), your asshole will pucker right around that bad boy. 

The wide flared T-bar base fits nice and flat to your butt cheeks for discretion. It also makes removal easy AND ensures no butt plug disappearing acts!

Many B-Vibe users have reported that they are so comfortable that if it wasn’t for the weighted ball inside, you’d forget it was in your ass. 

On the topic of the weighted ball…

It gently stimulates your rectal walls giving little secret sensations as you go about your day!

The only downside is the silicone. While it is smooth, it’s not quite as soft as some others on our list. And it does tend to hold onto odors over time. 

I guess it is to be expected from something you’re keeping in your ass for hours! You can lessen this with some antibacterial soap and soak it in warm water.

SquarePeg Supersoft Blunt Butt Plugs

2. SquarePeg Supersoft Blunt Butt Plugs

The softest extended wear butt plug

Material: Silicone | Insertable Length: 3.5” – 5.6” | Diameter: 1.59”- 1.9” | Color: Bronze

SquarePeg’s Supersoft butt plugs are like a hug for your ass…from the inside! 

They are handmade in the US from Platinum Grade silicone.

What you get is a super soft, silky smooth butt plug that is firm enough for you to feel it but flexible for comfort. 

The silicone also has a real squidgy texture, which gently compresses as you insert it. Once you get it past your sphincter though, it expands back to its original form. 

Filling you up nicely! 

You will notice that the neck of the plugs is wider. This is because they are specifically designed for anal stretching.

The base/neck ratio is still large enough though, so no danger of the plug traveling. 

Worth noting that the handmade process can leave rough-cuts on the base.

It shouldn’t cause any issues other than maybe catching on your underwear. And you can always use some sandpaper to smooth down any rough silicone.

Luxe Wearable Slim Butt Plugs By Blush

3. Luxe Wearable Slim Butt Plugs by Blush

Best for beginners

Material: Silicone | Insertable Length: 2.75” – 3” | Diameter: 1” – 1.5” | Color: Black / Purple | Extra Features: Weighted ball bearings inside

If you’re brand new to all day butt plug wear, then this range from Blush will be a nice gentle introduction.

You have a choice of small or medium, and with the slim and tapered design, both options are pretty non-intimidating. 

The thin neck is really flexible which is great once it’s IN but doesn’t give much support for actually inserting it. So it can be a little fiddly for the first time. 

Use plenty of lube and press on the actual plug rather than the neck to work it in.

These plugs also have weighted ball-bearings inside.

They are supposed to give you motion-activated vibrations… but unless you’re doing star jumps all day, you probably won’t feel much!

That said, the size, body-safe material, flexible slim neck and wide base do make it a great plug for your first foray into all-day anal. 

4. Avant Pride P6 Beyond Butt Plug

Material: Silicone | Insertable Length: 3.75” | Diameter: 1.25” | Color: Tri-color (Purple / White / Green)

Avant Pride P6 Beyond

5. Doc Johnson A-Play Vibrating Butt Plug

Material: Silicone, ABS | Insertable Length: 4.25” | Diameter: 1.5” | Color: Black / Teal | Extra Features: Wireless remote control, has a vibrating option

Doc Johnson A-Play

What Should You Watch Out For When Shopping For An All-Day Butt Plug?

As we mentioned earlier, your best butt plug choice should tick 3 main boxes:

  • A thin neck;
  • A wide flat base;
  • And be made of SOFT n’ BENDY silicone. 

Let’s look at why, plus a few more considerations for your butt plug shopping trip.

Neck And Base

The thin neck is essential for the simple reason that it causes less friction to the delicate skin inside your anus

So, it’s safer but it’s also more comfortable. 

Your asshole isn’t used to being stretched out for such long periods, so letting it relax around a skinny neck means you can wear your butt plug for longer. 

What about that base?

Well, a flat, wide T-bar base has a few benefits: 

  • It’s easier to sit down;
  • It’s more discreet under your clothes;
  • And ensures no ‘traveling’ of the butt plug and no awkward trips to the Emergency Room!

When it comes to the diameter of the plug – think of the width of the toy you can already handle and move in 0.25” increments from there. This way you can comfortably (and safely!) stretch your anus.


Silicone is always our material of choice when it comes to sex toys, but in this case, there is one extra consideration. Go for SOFT and BENDY silicone. 


Because some silicone toys are firmer than others. But for long-term ass wear, you need it to be flexible enough to move with your body throughout the day.

Sure, you can find butt plugs in metal, ceramic, and glass (even the best inflatable butt plug is popular nowadays). They may tick the first two boxes of the thin neck and the flat, wide base…but these materials are NOT FLEXIBLE. 

They do not move with your body and they are NOT safe nor comfortable for all-day wear.

What about plastic or PVC butt plugs? 

Nope. Avoid.

These are highly porous materials and can’t be sanitized. You’re sticking this up your butt remember. So keep it clean!


This is anal toy 101. Use lube. More lube. And then some more lube. 

While silicone lube is ideal for anal play, as it’s thick and lasts longer, it might not be the best option for your all-day butt plug wearing.

If you’ve paid attention to the silicone consideration, then don’t use silicone lube. It might break down the material and ruin your butt plug.

Instead, go for oil-based or water-based lubricant and reapply throughout the day.

Oil-based lubes are thicker and won’t dry up as quickly, but they can be a little messy. 

Water-based lubes are compatible with any type of toy material AND they won’t stain your clothes. I like Sliquid Silk as it is water and silicone blend that is safe to use, yet lasts for a long time

All-Day Wear Butt Plugs Safety Checklist

Get the most pleasure from extended butt plug wear in the safest way possible, by following these simple rules: 

Work up to all-day wear: Start with shorter times, wearing it around the house. Test sitting and moving at home before you go on any adventures. Then, slowly build it up to longer times.

Start with small plugs: Your butt hole isn’t used to carrying objects around! Start with a small butt plug and gradually increase the size.

Lube: Always. And copious amounts of the stuff! Keep things slick. Friction can mean tears. Tears mean pain!

Avoid non-flexible butt plugs: Metal, ceramic, or firm silicone won’t move with you and can really hurt and damage your anal passage

Avoid porous materials: The butt is a whole world of bacteria and you don’t want that seeping into your butt plug. Go sanitary with silicone!

Always clean butt plugs thoroughly: Silicone butt plugs are easy to clean. Some can be popped into the dishwasher, or sanitized in boiling water.

Avoid wearing if suffering from tummy trouble: We’re talking diarrhea here. It might be obvious, but worth stating just in case! 

Take it out to use the loo: Obvious when it comes to pooping! But you should also remove it before urinating. You need to relax your pelvic floor muscles to relieve yourself. It’s just easier and safer to remove it before you go. Fishing a butt plug out of the toilet bowl will not be fun…nor hygienic!

Now you are ready to try out the butt plug challenge 😉

What Else Do You Need to Know About All Day Butt Plugs?

How Long Can You Wear A Butt Plug?

There is no definitive answer to how long you can wear a butt plug. Some people will say that you shouldn’t wear them for longer than 2-3 hours at a time.

While other “lifestyle butt pluggers” claim to wear their anal plugs for up to 20 hours a day. 

They sleep with it in and only take it out for a couple of hours in the morning and at night…to answer nature’s call! 

With anything anal, I say it’s always best to err on the side of caution…

Is It Safe To Wear Butt Plugs All Day?

You might have heard a load of horror stories about anal bleeding or anal incontinence caused by all-day anal butt plugs.

But take these stories with a pinch of salt. Most have been widely exaggerated for shock value. 

That said, any sort of butt play comes with a risk. All-day anal CAN be safe…as long as you do it sensibly and take the necessary precautions. Refer to the safety checklist above. 

And remember…

Everybody is different. You might have dreams of wearing a butt plug all day but always listen to your body. Your fantasy might be 9 hours, but your limit might be 3. 

Don’t push it. The moment you begin to feel any soreness, discomfort, or your muscles getting tired, take a break. 

Can You Wear Your Butt Plug While Sleeping?

You can wear a butt plug while sleeping and many advanced long term butt plug wearers do. Just be sure that it’s a plug you’re well used to and have already (slowly) built up to extended wear during the day first.

Two things to be aware of though…

Firstly, pain receptors in your body pretty much shut down while you sleep. So, you could be doing damage to your body without realizing it.

And secondly, extended butt plug wearing requires a lot of lube. While you’re asleep, you’re not lubing up. So removal is going to be tricky. And painful.

Of course, it is up to you… but, when you’re sleeping you’re unconscious. 

So, ask yourself, what you’re getting out of it? You can avoid the risk and just pop it in the minute you wake up! 

Ready For Some All Day Plugging Pleasure?

There is something extra naughty about wandering around town with the constant feeling of being filled up. Of being stimulated from the inside out.

Wearing the best all day butt plug can keep you in a state of arousal until you get home and can let off some steam.

So, grab a plug and off you pop!

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