Bad Dragon Zoie Review: Is This Penetrable Any GOOD?

Bad Dragon’s Zoie is an amazing silicone edition to lovers of fantasy toys that comes with a whole new aesthetic appeal. Its shape and design are great and have an intense internal texture that’s good for stamina play.

If you want a penetrable outlook like that of the natural vagina and satisfies you at the same time, then Zoie is your girl.

The Good | Zoie, like the rest of Bad Dragon’s horde, is made from silicone with tantalizing curves on the body. Its aesthetics give a natural vagina outlook and works well for arousal before indulgence. Its internal texture is well-detailed for giving intense sensations and provides a good way to rev your stamina. It’s fairly discreet.

The Bad | Applying lube may take time because of the many ridges inside. Also, it can take a good while before you can get her gears going.

The Bottom Line | Zoie is a great toy with a well-detailed sleeve that gives an intense texture not experienced with some of the best Bad Dragons. Its aesthetic beauty is also something to behold and is lovely to look at. The streamlined body is perfect for grip and thrusting and its silicone surface is a real fantasy fulfiller.

So here’s the deal, you’ve probably had of the new Vixen in the palace and want to confirm if what you’ve heard about her beauty is true.

Well, your fortunes are lucky today, commoner, as herein is a scroll documenting her beauty, lust for love, and the type of Knights she desires for romance.

Bad Dragon’s Zoie design is based on a female fox and you might confuse it with Alice, her cousin.

But the good thing with her is that she doesn’t tear easily. She’s a bit hefty like the Nix but tighter with a laid back tail similar to Mary’s for a perfect grip.

Find out what her design and features are in giving you a satisfying climax and appealing beauty.

This Bad Dragon Zoie review will also delve into her use and report how it feels like having her as a soulmate and also show you where you can find her to make your acquaintance.

All this prepared by the humble scribe… yours truly.

Bad Dragon Zoie Tech and Specs Overview

bad dragon zoie overview


Zoie is relatively smaller than the Nix (check out our Bad Dragon Nix review) and has a pleasing streamlined body for the perfect handling and storage.

Its head circumference is about 11.55” while that of the shaft measures in at 9.00”. On the same note, its head’s diameter is 3.8” and approximately 3.02” at the shaft.

The total length of the toy is 7.5” with a usable length of the same measurement.


Zoie’s main material component is silicone, just like all the rest in the Bad Dragon’s family.

This covers the inner and outer parts of the toy and gives users a very soft and skin-like sensation when using the penetrable.

They have also made sure that the silicone is body-safe to ensure no health effects befall users.

The silicone touch is amazing and feels great to touch and look at (especially with the different color designs that come with BD).

Price, Where To Buy

Currently, the Bad Dragon Zoie retails at $95.00. And while the price might seem a bit steep for such a toy, you will get its value in terms of quality and user experience.

Not a great many penetrable will offer the detailed design of this silicone and serve you in the same levels of satisfaction.

What’s more, the Bad Dragon Zoie ONLY retails at the Official Bad Dragon online store. They’ll give you a warranty and offer many shipping options for buyers residing outside the USA.

This means that you should stay clear from the sellers in Amazon and eBay offering to distribute this product.

They are known to ship fake items made from generic materials and rip you off in the same breath.


We’ve prepared a small table showing the different model specs between the Bad Dragon Zoie and Bad Dragon Mary.

Hopefully, this will help guide your buying decision in revealing what you are likely to have when you get these toys. Take a look below:

COLOR (primary)
LENGTH (inches)
Bad Dragon Zoie
Bad Dragon Mary
Stumped tail
Stumped, Laid-Back Tail
COLOR (primary)
Dark Metallic Orange and Metallic Purple
Earthy Brown
Carried, Placed on a Surface
Carried, Placed on a Surface
Solo Play
Solo Play
LENGTH (inches)

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

bad dragon zoie design and features

Bad Dragon only has Zoie in the extra-soft firmness currently.

This damsel is nicely ribbed near the entrance with a tightly-packed zig-zag texture. It has arousing internal bumps having the same texture.

It’s ridges give a rough but pleasing feeling, beginning from the slit as you continue further down.

It has a nice body shape for handling with a tail flush on top to help with your grip during use.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

After warming, it takes a good while getting lube into all those patterned ridges, but gets smoother afterward.

Zoie’s tiny clit is a nice touch and her lips part softly. It gave me a sensational intensity during entry and I also found great pleasure fingering her insides.

There are interior bumps a few inches in that add extra pleasure by rubbing all the different parts of your penis.

Now, you might go limp for a moment but as you continue, your dong revives to a more solid hardness, increasing your stamina in the process.

The stimulating experience heightens as the internal sleeve narrows then widens at clever intervals and puts some pressure on your shaft.

I also loved that I could Doggy or Missionary Zoie and get the same satisfying climax!

I love Zoie’s beauty and climaxing in her is a fulfilling release.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning Zoie is an easy step as you only need warm water and mild soap to wash her.

Again, because of her packed ridges, you’ll have to take great care to clean all the folds and corners in the sleeve.

Pat her dry with a lint-free cloth and you may put her in the storing bag that comes in the package.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Yes, I would recommend Zoie to anyone looking for a well-designed and intensely-textured penetrable.

Its silicone sleeve is a mind-blowing arouser and its beauty pleasing to look at.

In other words:

Who is it for?

  • Guys who love intense sleeve textures.
  • Guys who want to build their stamina.
  • Guys who travel.

Who is it not for?

  • Guys who want a fast session.
  • Guys who love toys with torso variants.
  • Guys who prefer vibrators and auto-strokers.

What Do Other People Think About It?

We got some Reddit comments from users who’ve had experience with BD’s Zoie and would like to share them with you. Check them below:

“It’s actually a fun toy to give oral to. Tiny little clit at the bottom and the asshole feels realistic to my tongue. Very meaty lips give way to a cavernous interior.

Speaking of interior….. What the heck? About 1.5″ in, there’s little flaps/bumps on the inside. If it was a muzzle, I’d call them tonsils. The interior is subtle ridges all the way down.

Trying it out is an interesting experience. The texture was reminiscent of Sugar Star, but a bit looser. This may be a benefit to some people, as Sugar Star is often said to be too tight. The way the lips wrap around you feel like actual human lips, but there’s no mistaking this foxy lady for a human.

The “tonsils” add an extra little jolt of pleasure every time your head slips past them, and are a welcome addition. Overall, I’m pretty happy with Zoie, and will definitely be visiting this vixen over and over again.”


This is what Teeman92 said about his experience:

“The glitter looks pretty, I can’t think of any other toys that have it, maybe the dildo do. The lips are smooth and a bit loose to feel like the real deal. The way the butthole looks makes me wish it was usable, but ah well. Touching around, The textures felt very noticeable inside. There’s this weird….”Tonsil-like” bump near the entrance which leads to a “tongue-like” bump. Both the bumps have a rather fine texture that kind of feels like sandpaper (best comparison, its not abrasive like it).

After that, it loosens up, and there more texture in the back. The texture in the back is a bit aggressive, but it’s really loose in the back, not as loose as Janine, but still loose

Anyways, using Zoie, I was hoping for a smoother ride, but ah well. Upon entry, the bumps caress just fine and it a bit noticeable. Whenever I touch those bump, I get this “spark” that gets me closer and closer to finishing, and beyond those back textures.

Overall, she’s a bit intense enough for me to take short breaks. Honestly, I think she’s up there with Janine in terms of intensity.”



Bad Dragon zoie alternatives

Zoie is a great toy no mistake in that.

But if you’d want toys (though not all silicone) that feel amazing and offer more features e.g vibration, suction, and automatic stroking, then you should probably check out the following options carefully hand-picked by me.

You can look up the best Onahole if you want something bordering the lines of ultra-realistic onaholes.

If you want more suction and automatic stroking, the blowjob machines will blow you crazy.

But if you’re looking for a veteran experience, the Fleshlight sleeve is your ultimate stop!

Check them all out!

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

It’s a fun exciting toy that doesn’t disappoint.

But should you need something that provides more than just a silicone body and intense texture, then you should check out the alternatives I’ve offered you above or this Bad Dragon Mary review.

All in all, it’s been nice having you here and hope I’ve satisfied your curiosity in this Bad Dragon Zoie review.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this, then feel free to share and leave any questions on the Comment Section below.

Till we meet again!

Bad Dragon Zoie Review

Dainis Graveris

bad dragon zoie penetrable


Bad Dragon Zoie is a beauty to behold. She’s exciting to look at and her handy size makes her submission to you very exciting and satisfying. If you are one after intense textures, then this toy will serve you just right. And for that, I think the price is fair compared with the current market standards.

Dainis Graveris

Dainis Graveris

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