Bad Dragon Vs Fleshlight Penetrables: Who Will Win This Battle?

The battle of the best male penetrable is here. On a Bad Dragon Vs Fleshlight head-to-head, who wins and who loses? Find out below!

Now, I know you’re probably spoiled for choice when it comes to picking between the Fleshlight or Bad Dragon.

The two obviously don’t make it easy given that they are both top brands and have a fantastic record of milking our penises.

They’re both unique toys and have very different experiences for the different preferences guys have. 

Therefore, I’ll break down for you their key features, functionality, and material used and let you decide which one among them wins over your pleasure-seeking heart.

Getting Down To Business: Bad Dragon Nix Vs Fleshlight STU

Bad Dragon Nix Vs Fleshlight STU

Bad Dragon has won the hearts, or rather dicks, of many over the last couple of years for their creative customizable sex toy designs.

Serving both men and women, they have created some well-received toys purely inspired by Dragons and other fantasy creatures.

Fleshlight though, on the other hand, has remained a hallmark in the sex toy industry with the trademark softness and interactive toy designs (even work great with a Fleshlight mount).

Also to point out, Fleshlight has maintained its spot on the scoreboard as a top performer and is a popular favorite for millions of wankers worldwide.

Now, the Bad Dragon’s Nix is a top-ranking penetrable that gets more following by the day because of the platinum quality silicone used to build it.

It also owns up to its duty as a pleasure giver from the intense sleeve texture and detailed body design that comes with it.

The Fleshlight STU, also, is not left behind as it comes guns blazing with its all-too-familiar and all-too-loved SuperSkin sleeve and a sturdy casing for stroke-handling.

But let’s leave that for the Features section… How do these two lovelies compare side-by-side?

Check out this table:

Fleshlight STU
Bad Dragon Nix
Insertable Length
Orifice Type
Sleeve Texture
Cleaning & Maintenance
Fleshlight STU

Has a standard size build
long enough to
accommodate most guys
10” H x 3.8” W x 3.8” L 
1.4 lbs
8.5 inches
Vaginal, Anal, and Oral
Gold casing, Varying sleeve
colors (transparent also
Multiple sleeves with multiple
textures e.g. Destroya,
Mini-Lotus, Original, etc
Solo, Couple play
SuperSkin material
Easy, Takes longer to dry on
its own
Can last a while, given the materials used
$69.95 (Fleshlight),
$84.99 (Lovehoney)
Bad Dragon Nix
Bigger than the Fleshlight
12.5” L x 4.6” D
4 lbs
8 inches
Metallic Blue (Standard), Other
customizable options available
In-built sleeve with a very tight and
intense texture
Solo, Couple play
Body-safe Silicone
Easy, Dries faster because the sleeve has a two-way opening
Lasts longer with the right use and maintenance
$95.00 (BadDragon)

A Quick Bad Dragon Nix Review

A Quick Bad Dragon Nix Review

The Nix has unmistakeable appeal when you look at it…

From its arousing design with detailed curves to the sensual opening just beneath its mock-tail, it’s simply a humping beckon 🙂

It’s made purely from body-safe silicone and has a noticeable internal texture when you start thrusting. And that’s just one side of the story…

You can also get your own customized penetrable from BD when making your order. 

Adding to this, it’s fairly priced ($95) and will serve you for a long time if you maintain it well.


  • Is made of quality body-safe silicone. 
  • Has an awesome aesthetic body design. 
  • Lasts longer.


  • Has a tendency to tear after a period of use.
  • Lube may leak out during use.

A Quick Fleshlight STU Review

A Quick Fleshlight STU Review

As the name suggests, the STU was mainly built to boost your sexual endurance but turned out to be great for normal jerk-offs as well!

This is because of its smoothly-textured sleeve made from the patented SuperSkin that delivers very high levels of stroking sensations.

More to that, the sleeve is encased in a flashlight-like plastic body that gives you a sturdy and firm grip for perfect handling.

It’s cheaper ($69.95), effective, and offers a great value for the price.


  • Lube doesn’t leak out.
  • It’s cheaper.
  • More customizable. 
  • Discreet look and use.


  • The texture is not as noticeable as the Nix’s.
  • Doesn’t last as long.

Comparing Bad Dragon Nix and Fleshlight STU Face To Face

Let’s see what turns these two’s wheels:

Size and measurements

Right off their boxes, the Nix is larger than the Fleshlight and has a few extra pounds to its weight. With that said, it has an insertable length of about 8” which is good as it’ll accommodate most guys.

The Fleshlight, on the other hand, has a more streamlined body with a lean shaft making it far lighter than the Nix. Ironically, it has a longer insertable depth (8.5”) which gives studs hanging just under 9” a sigh of relief … Or is it release?

If you value discreteness in storage or use, then you’re probably not getting any of that from Bad Dragon Nix. It needs extra storage space and you’ll have to find a very private room to conduct business.

You will have a better deal with the Fleshlight as far as discreetness and privacy is concerned as it’s much smaller.

fleshlight vs nix Design and functionality

Design and functionality

It goes without saying that the Bad Dragon Nix has a very strong detail to it.

Its body design includes a thick set of thighs with smooth curves all across the back complete with a scale-skin to give you a full dragon hind.

This again is classically topped with a protruding tail finish for better grasping.

Getting in… The Nix’s internal sleeve is really highlighted and has two open ends. From the entry all through the back, it has very intense ridges ribbed along its walls and also has some bumps arising from the folds. 

As for the STU… the body is a standard-issue which is great because you can experiment with other sleeve textures without getting a whole new toy altogether.

The Fleshlight, unlike the Nix, is more subtle and soft to the touch. The texture aims for realism and gives a particularly smooth stimulating sensation from its studded design.

On top of that, you can get either of the different sleeve options available for purchase at their online stores to enjoy varying textures.

The Fleshlight’s sleeve comes with a casing that is very sturdy and allows you to have a pretty nice grip when performing your thrusts.

This also gives it an upper hand when it comes to suction.

Let’s Compare The Materials

I understand how deciding between the two sleeves could get confusing. This is especially when you’re a Fleshlight fan but still want to experience the unmatched quality of a silicone stimulation.

Well, Fleshlight uses the SuperSkin material in its sleeves and has a very unique feeling to it.

It’s very soft, can stretch, and lasts a good while if you clean it well. It also has an added strong plastic material used to make its holding body.

The Nix is made entirely from high-quality silicone and is highly sensual. Its body, in turn, is very supple, almost feels like real skin, and gives pleasant stimulations.

It’s pretty clear here… There’s nothing beating the orgasmic touch of silicone any time soon.

Usability Considerations

Both of them allow solo and couple-play (double-penetration for the Nix) and are best used with water-based lubricants.

And because of the size, you’ll enjoy using Bad Dragon’s Nix more when you place it on a surface as opposed to carrying it like the fleshlight.

Otherwise, the burden of its weight may wear you down and shorten your session.

Now, one thing you’ll notice with the Nix is that it’s pretty tight 🙂 – This may cause problems for you if you’ve got a sensitive peen and more so if you add its aggressive & intense texture. 

And because of this texture too, you might wanna make sure you’ve got a steady flow of lube by your side.

Plenty of that is gonna be wiped off your dick with every thrust. And also occasionally leak out the other end :/

The STU is more petite and you can use it for hours on end with your hand without feeling the burden of weight.

Its sleeve is not as intense as the Nix’s but will get you to spill seed all the same 🙂 …Of course, maybe not, if you prefer rougher textures…

Also, the sealed end of the STU prevents any leakage and as it’s softer, doesn’t take up much lube.

So, as far as usability is concerned here, Fleshlight takes the points as the hassles are lesser.

What comes in the package?

Fleshlight’s standard pack comes with 1 Stamina Training Unit sleeve, 1 Fleshlight case, a sample lube, and a user manual.

The Bad Dragon Nix’s package comes with 1 Nix unit, a sample lube, some BD mini-model toys as a gift, a user manual, and a storage pouch.


Both Fleshlight and Bad Dragon offer a legit one-year warranty if you get the toys from their official stores.

Lovehoney also gives you a one-year guarantee if you register a buyer’s account with them.

How easy to clean and durability

Cleaning the Nix is very easy due to the two-way opening. This makes flushing out the lube and juice a breeze if you have access to a running faucet.

In addition, you may use a mild soap or a toy cleaner to add that extra care to the sanitization.

You can also use rubbing alcohol, boil it, or even put it in a dishwasher and it’ll get clean all the same.

The best part is that it dries fast and has a storage bag to prevent it from getting dust and dirt.

The STU is also easy to clean as you just need warm water and a soap/toy cleaner of your choice to get it done.

The only downside to it is that it takes longer to dry and might breed mold and bacteria after a long while of use.

It needs the intervention of things like cornstarch to keep it moisture-free.

The Nix has longer durability. Just make sure you DO NOT use any silicone-based lubricants on it to preserve its material quality.

Price considerations

Fleshlight is cheaper than the Bad Dragon Nix. But we have to acknowledge the high-quality silicone used on the Nix is not a cheap treat.

Bad Dragon Nix sells exclusively at Bad Dragon’s online store at $95.00 while the STU retails at $69.95 at Fleshlight and $84.99 at Lovehoney.

Lovehoney also has free shipping within the US for orders above $60 and Fleshlight for orders above $99.

If you got the extra buck to spare, you can also check out Fleshlight’s amazing discounts on sleeve bundles for diverse texture experiences.

Also, DO NOT buy these items from Amazon and eBay! You’ll most likely get fake products made from unknown materials that are not safe for human use. Keep your health and money safe!

Stand-Out Features

Fleshlight Stand-Out Feature

Though both toys have sleeves with two open ends, Fleshlight has something that the Nix doesn’t:

  • That’s an adjustable cap that seals the bottom-end of the sleeve. Tightening or loosening this cap controls the level of suction that you’ll get when stroking.

What Do Other People Say?

Check out what other people have to say about the Fleshlight and Bad Dragon male masturbators on Reddit.

Mermaidfetish seems to prefer rougher textures:

“Fleshlight is soft. So soft but needs a weird flashlight tube thing to hold it together. While they are a good experience I feel the upkeep really killed my experiences along with the damn plastic holder. They feel really good but are so soft it is very hard to notice all the texture really.

After buying 2 fleshlights and then stumbling upon bad dragon I instantly started research and learned a few things that were REALLY pleasing:

1. They are 100% platinum silicone meaning body-safe and non-porous. This was an instant sell for me but I continued looking. 
2. They are able to be used without any kind of holder. Oh man can this get any better? 
3. Their textures are prominent and they feel amazing.”


BigTee66 also had this to put forward:

“Fleshlights are softer for sure, and probably feel a bit more realistic, but the material it is made of doesn’t allow for it to last a long time… Not to say they are bad, they just don’t last.


Final Thoughts:

It all boils down to preference here. Like, what do you specifically want for yourself?

While the Nix is undoubtedly amazing when it comes to material quality, Fleshlight has bigger guns when it comes to handling and usability.

Other than that, size and texture are also factors worth looking into… Do you love it big ‘n tight or small ‘n soft?

I’ll leave that entirely up to you, buddy!

You Should Pick Fleshlight STU If:

  • You’re looking for a cheaper masturbator.
  • You prefer smoother sleeve textures.
  • You value discreteness.

You Should Pick Bad Dragon Nix If:

  • You love rough or intense textures.
  • You want quality silicone experience.
  • You want a longer-lasting toy.

Share your thoughts and experience below! Hope this guide helped you.

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