Bad Dragon Sleipnir Review: Is It Any Good?

The Bad Dragon Sleipnir is a great option for intermediate and advanced players. It offers an aggressive shaft texture and comes made in high-quality silicone.

bad dragon Sleipnir model showcased

The Good | The Sleipnir is well-textured to give a great experience during stimulation. It’s also made from high-quality silicone that delivers smooth sensations in-action. And like the other Bad Dragon toys, you can customize to suit whatever you’d prefer. 

The Bad | It’s not a great match for beginners. Also, you may not find it pleasing if you have an extra-sensitive body.

The Bottom Line | The heavily-detailed texture is worthwhile if you can handle it and the silicone betters the stimulation. You may opt to customize your own so long as you have an extra few bucks to spare.

The Bad Dragon Sleipnir is another great anthropomorphic sex toy from Bad Dragon. It’s inspired by the great Sleipnir, which served as Odin’s horse in Norse mythology

In this Bad Dragon Sleipnir review… We’re gonna look at the top specs and features this model has for us.

What are its perks in terms of texture and firmness? What can we say about its size and material? And finally, how do all these sums up the experience when put to the test?

Find the answers to all these questions below…

Bad Dragon Sleipnir Review: Tech And Specs Overview


Well, BD also offers a variety in size when it comes to this model. These include the Mini, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

The Small in my custody measures 6.5” (L) and has a shaft diameter of ~2.15”. As you can read from this, the Small ain’t actually that small…. 


The Sleipnir’s entire body is made from high-quality silicone that’s medical-grade. It is non-toxic, easy to clean, and completely body-safe.

Price, Where To Buy

This dildo retails at $55.00 without customization and comes with a 1-year warranty. For any other than Mini size you need to pay extra – for Small, it was $20 extra. 

Worth noting here… 

Sleipnir sells exclusively at Bad Dragon’s Online Store. So any person claiming to be a BD distributor is probably a FRAUD. And Amazon and eBay are full of ‘em!

One big downside to BD is its unreliable shipping timeline. Your order could take ages before it arrives and you won’t get much assistance from their support.

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

So, just like other BD dildos… The Sleipnir has a total of 5 firmness that you can choose from.

These are Soft, Medium, Firm, Soft Shaft/Firm Base, and Medium Shaft/Firm Base.

And to give you texture…

The Sleipnir has prominent ridges enhancing its shaft details. These are different in that they run small from the top then build to larger ones as you head down to the base.

They enhance the experience you’ll get from its sensations.

And before you get to the base, there are 3 overlapping folds. These provide a more aggressive detail to the texture and experience in the long run.

What’s more… Its head has a foreskin that’s half-way retracted and multi-layered for a more feisty insertion. 

The shaft’s muscles, vein details, and contours on either of the dildo’s side amp up the intensity. 

Closing the deal is a base that you can customize to include a suction cup. This is great for handling and for helping you position the toy.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Before inserting… My girlfriend needed to use a very generous amount of lube (water-based).

We wouldn’t risk placing silicone-based lube on this silicone beauty (it could react with the lube).

Moving on… 

Getting the head in was a bit of a struggle for her because its’ tip is not tapered. And the multi-layered foreskin put up quite a resistance. 

My Miss suggested decided to not slide it out the first couple of moments, once the dildo is inside.

Once settled… 

She started slow then increased the speed once she could take it all in. The side plates on the shaft did her good in her sweet spots as she kept thrusting deeper.

She is not a Size Queen, but although we had the Small… 

She could still feel the intense texture course comprised of the ridges and folds. Getting it all up in her was a beautiful work-in-progress.

But once she found her rhythm… She added some clit pleasures and orgasmed a few times in the session. 

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning the Sleipnir is fairly easy, although you will need to pay attention to all the ridges where bacteria can hide. 

You just need mild soap and water. Again, you may toss it inside a dishwasher’s top rack, boil it, or use your favorite toy cleaner to do it.

Completely drying the toy is important to prevent fungus growth. 

Also, remember to keep it away from other silicone surfaces to keep it from degrading its quality. 

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Yes, I’d recommend the Bad Dragon Sleipnir. But only to intermediate and advanced players considering the rough texture on this one.

What’s good is that it may get very rewarding once your body warms up to its size and texture.


Who Is It For?

  • People who prefer monster-sized toys.
  • People who prefer toys made from high-quality silicone.
  • If you like customizable fantasy toys.
  • People who prefer toys with aggressive texture.

Who Is It Not For?

  • If you are a beginner.
  • People who prefer toys with smoother textures.

What Do Other People Think About It?

“My wife loves Sleipnir! She only has a small, but it gets her good and hard every time.

We got a large chance as an ‘upgrade’ that’s in-between the small and medium Sleipnir, at least in terms of girth. Lengthwise, he’s clearly too long for a vagina xD 

The pop though as it goes in is amazing…”


“Naturally, XL/S Sleipnir was the end goal, and is the undisputed champ in our house…

He’s got great texture, a wide blunt head, and a steady girth that makes for a shudder worthy ride.

However… he’s a beast that definitely requires a solid warm-up.

The head is the biggest (pun intended) challenge, and I end up bottoming out about halfway down the shaft.”



The whack shipping and support system witnessed in Bad Dragon is quite the bummer. It can get really frustrating especially when making an inquiry on a placed order. 

And for that reason, Mr. Hankey’s is the best available alternative I recommend to you. They have the Centaur (4 Sizes) that’s also a fantasy horse dildo that gets the work done for many.

And the best thing? 

They have an awesome support system that responds to queries real fast. And to sweeten the deal, their shipping is as indicated during check-out, unlike what you get at BD. 

All in all, you can also check the Fantasy Dragon Dildo guide. There’s a lot of sizes and options that I am sure will please you.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

This Bad Dragon Sleipnir review has shown that it’s a great fantasy toy. Moreso for the intermediate and advanced players (both anal and vaginal). 

What sucks is the poor shipping and customer service over at Bad Dragon. 

If you want a company with a class and quality support service for clients… Then check Mr. Hankey’s as advised.

That’s it for today!


Bad Dragon Sleipnir Review

Dainis Graveris

bad dragon sleipnir


This Bad Dragon Sleipnir is an excellent fantasy toy suitable for various levels of experience. It’s built with great materials (high quality silicone) and the shaft texture is commendable.

Dainis Graveris

Dainis Graveris

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