Bad Dragon Sheath Review [2021]: Are BD Wearable Sleeves Good?

These fantasy penis sleeves offer exciting new shapes for those looking to spice it up & are tired from conventional designs.

Bad Dragon Sheath sleeve shown

The Good | Sheaths are really soft, made from platinum cured silicone & offer good designs on fantasy shapes like: horse, canine, dragon that will 100% offer fresh sensations.

The Bad | Bad Dragon sheaths will fit only average to big penis owners, and require a hard penis to use. Their size makes it challenging to use anally.

The Bottom Line | If you like the increased size, extreme and non-phallic fantasy sleeve designs, Bad Dragon sticks to their knitting and does what they’re known for.

In this review, I’ll mostly focus on Flint’s Sheath.

That’s what I got & tested, but I’ll touch on their other 4 popular designs since I’ve got kinky friends who shared their experience with others.

I was excited to try this bad boy with my girl, and my only worry was that the size might be too much for her to take.

It already takes a long time for her to warm up for me, I could only imagine what would it take with that crazy dragon scaled Flint.

But let’s discuss the technical specs first:


Keep in mind that all Bad Dragon wearables are designed for average size penis. Flint’s and most other wearables have open tip where penis goes through, so you’ll get increased sensations.

For already big penis owners – you’ll have no trouble wearing open-ended designs.

If you have a size problem, we have a penis sleeves guide perfect for you.

Make sure you check individual measurements on each product page, there are simply too much to review here.

I got an average penis and Flint’s small size worked great for me. With bigger size the only difference is how much of your penis will stick out increasing in length.

As for the girth, all of Flint’s has same internal circumference, but for example Magnus’ sheath has varying sizes so you must check individually.

Material is very stretchy, however, and mine was a snug fit. I’m 100% average though, for you it might be different.

External usable length goes from 4.5″ (small) to 6″ (large Flint), and that’s not including how much your penis sticks out.


All Bad Dragon toys are made from platinum silicone which means that it’s 100% body-safe, non-porous, non smelly material that you can boil to clean easily.

Just make sure you wash it the first time you use it to remove any bacteria that might have gathered while it was travelling.

Price, Where To Buy

Since not as much material is required for these sleeves, the price is quite affordable. Usually Bad Dragon’s are on pricier side especially as they get bigger.

The small size will cost $60 (recommended to start with), while only Chance horse sheath starts from $70. The large versions cost $80 as of the moment.

If you’re wondering where you can buy Bad Dragon – the only reliable place to buy it is from their official website. Amazon offers some models, but sellers can easily be having counterfeit versions, that are low quality and made of questionable materials.

The only other alternative is to look for used toys (like this sub-reddit or forums). Since Bad Dragon is made from silicone, it’s safe to use previously owned toys after boiling.

It will take a while for these toys to arrive – you kinda expect it. No overnight shipping – expect a few weeks. The only exception is if you find your sleeve on clearance item shipping (but that’s rare).

Here is a quick overview of BD top 5 most popular wearables:

Flint Sheath
Chance Sheath
Magnus Sheath
David’s Sheath
Crackers Sheath
Small, Medium, Large
One Size (Small)
Small, Medium
Small, Medium, Large
Small, Medium
Closed (hollow tip)
dragon ridges
horse type
canine type
fantasy (werewolf)

Let’s Evaluate The Sheath Designs & Textures

Flint sheath design is inspired from their most popular dragon dildo. Their ridges look like dragon scales and on top of that there are nicely feeling bumps.

Their other designs each has their own unique features:

  • Chance sheath – comes in only one size, and allow you to suddenly own an anatomically correct horse penis.
  • Magnus sheath – for some reason you feel attracted to canine penis shapes? This sheath has a bulbous gland attached to it in the middle.
  • David sheath – this one is the most similar shape to human penis. It doesn’t have extreme ridges or bumps – just enough to keep it exciting, yet manageable
  • Crackers sheath – the girthiest and bumpier of Bad dragon wearables. Nub and bump madness for extreme thickness.
  • Ika sheath – the latest addition for tentacle addicts. Shaped like a tentacle with a closed tip.

All their cock sheaths are only in one firmness – soft, which is great because it feels realistic and smooth to the receiver.

This is an important point because even if the design has extreme ridges and bumps it won’t be a struggle.

Inside of the sheath is textured to offer gentle massaging for penis and keep it hard.

Their silicone is very stretchy so pulling the strap over the penis is not a battle.

This stretchiness also helps to adjust to penis girth – thicker penis owners will feel good in there too.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

I was right to be worried about the size – it took quite a while to get her warmed up for it, but when all was said and done, we got what we both wanted.

I loved the fact that I suddenly was an owner of fantasy dragon penis and was able to still feel something thanks to the open-ended tip.

Not too much, not too little, but definitely different. I expected I will feel less, but it was just the right balance of keeping me excited, while allowing to last for a long time.

When she warmed up for the toy she appreciated how soft it was. She enjoyed reverse missionary position where the slightly curved Flint pressed nicely on her G-spot.

While I couldn’t thrust like crazy, the ridges felt extremely great for her when I was going slow.

But this size also made it sure that we wouldn’t even attempt to use it anally. The stretching time it would take, would be crazy.

In the end, we both agreed that’s an exciting fun toy to pull out from time to time when we want to mix things up.

Oh, and ninja tip: these wearables can be also to spice up your vanilla dildos. Just pull them over the dildo and you’ve suddenly gained a lot more affordable new Bad Dragon toy. Think outside the box.

Ease Of Clean up & Durability

All of Bad Dragon sheaths consist of many details so if you want to be really thorough you should boil the toy.

We just rinsed it in warm water and finished off with antibacterial toy cleaner. Cleaning the details from inside and outside may take a big longer then simpler design, but honestly you come to expect it from Bad Dragon toys.

As for the durability my only worry was about the ring that you must stretch over your balls to make it hold. From my usage I didn’t notice any breakage.

Later after asking around my friends, they also confirmed that BD wearables are durable (unless you’re intentionally trying to break them, of course).

Would I Recommend it? If so, to whom?

It’s a super fun toy and if you’re looking for something completely new and refreshing, Flint and others offer that.

All the basics are in place – soft material that feels great, beautiful colors and exciting textures.

If that’s what you’re looking for – definitely recommended.

Who is it for?:

  • for size-queens
  • for fantasy (animal) cock shape lovers
  • for average (and larger) penis size owners
  • if you want to last longer

Who is it not for?:

  • if you’re smaller than 5″
  • if you’re hoping for help with ED.
  • if your partner doesnt enjoy intense textures and big size.
  • if you’re looking for realistic design

What Other People Think About It?

I realise that my experience is just that – one couples thoughts so I looked around on what other people thought about Bad Dragon Wearables?:

My buddy has both cracker’s and David’s sheath. He said that he is average in size. He preferred David’s to crackers for the stimulation. He said it felt like a pleasant squeeze and that he wouldn’t mind using it on a regular basis if his girlfriend could take it.

– cherliechhonch

I’ve got a large David’s Sheath in soft firmness. I haven’t been able to use it for sex yet, but I can say it requires some lube to get into, but too much can leave it starting to slip off. I think it was a good pick and I’m excited to try it out for the real deal.

– Reddit user

This was my first BD experience and first knotted/bulge toy I’ve ever played with and we started out with the Magnus, no warm up. As such, getting started was a little rough & took more lube than usual as well as causing the sheath to slide up & bind up the head of his shaft which he called pinchy feeling.

We changed up positions and applied more lube and then things started going REALLY well. I loved the pressure of the bulge once it was in and the popping on withdrawal was surprisingly intense.

After Notes: I will say I was a little disappointed because the soft firmness of the toy made the texture nearly indiscernible in use and I had hoped to be able to feel the ripples & ridges just a little more.

– NyxErosophos

Alternatives, What Else I would Recommend

Since you landed here I would think that you are intentionally looking for crazy, extreme shapes and sizes that Bad Dragon is famous for.

These wearables don’t disappoint in that field.

However they might not be the best penis sleeves to wear if you’re looking to help you with challenges like erectile dysfunction, realistic designs, and where the wearer feels more.

Also they are not easiest to wear and go straight to using, enjoying. You’ll need smaller sizes to help with stretching.

Experiment with a lot more affordable penis sleeves. For example, Lovehoney Mega Mighty costs only around $30 (half of BD).

Then Vixen Creations has great designs that feel realistic and don’t require you to even be erect to work it. More info in our Vixen Colossus review.

Alternatives shine in realistic designs and helping with other challenges you might have while also offering fast shipping.

Your call.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Bad Dragon wearables deliver on extreme and fun designs that look and feel luxury quality.

We had fun, and you will have too. If your wifey is a size queen who loves BD toys, than you cannot go wrong with these sheaths.

If you haven’t tried a penis sleeve before however, I would suggest starting with simpler sleeve designs to see if you like this kind of play in the first place.

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