Bad Dragon Rowan Review: Is This Horse Penetrable Good?

The Rowan is a great Bad Dragon penetrable that comes with a smooth internal texture for sensational anal penetration. The Rowan toy, like all the others built by Bad Dragon, is also made from silicone.

In addition, you can make detailed customization of this product to suit your fantasy play.

bad dragon rowan model showcased

The Good | Obviously the customization option comes first before anything else. The fairly firm silicone body is also pleasing upon touch and escalates imaginations. It accommodates penises of most ‘lengths’.

The Bad | Its tightness is a problem when thrusting and you’ll tend to lose a lot of lube as the internals keep rubbing the lube off your penis. The Rowan also tears within time after periods of use.

The Bottom Line | Rowan may seem a bit tight to some users, but there are other guys who prefer it as it is. The internal texture is nicely detailed with ridges and double rings for maximum stimulation. This equine penetrable is just as expensive as the best Bad Dragon toys are known to be.

It comes as no surprise that the Bad Dragon creators are famed for their ability to produce a variety of physically appealing toys using new materials and fresh technology.

So, where are we going with this?

In this review today, we are going to check out the mysterious Bad Dragon Rowan that seems to elope the knowledge of many who seek its pleasure.

I discreetly received my review specimen a few weeks ago and have done some good mileage on it.

Anyhoo… what’s Bad Dragon selling this time around?

We are going to take a quick dip (forgive the pun) into its build, getting to know the insides and its outer surface details.

How long does it measure in length and how different is it from the other Bad Dragon penetrable? (there’ll be a table for that!)

Sit pretty and see what we have in store for you!

Bad Dragon Rowan Tech and Specs Overview

Bad Dragon Rowan review overview


Well, there is nothing much that goes around Bad Dragons when it comes to matters size. Rowan is not an exception. It is a fairly small penetrable toy but serves a stiff dive just fine.

The Rowan has a head circumference that measures 11.5”. The circumference of the shaft is about 8.5”, with a head diameter of 3.75”

On the shaft’s diameter, it’s 2.6” and has a total length of 8.5”.

Worth noting is that most guys can rock this siesta, but I believe they can do better with the constricting internals that might keep larger girths out of this party.


Rowan doesn’t take up many material resources as Bad Dragon’s focus is to achieve a full-body stimulation and aesthetics.

They have only used one material to make this penetrable toy – silicone.

It’s the perfect material for real skin simulation and it doesn’t hold back delivering the sensations from the smooth textures of the Rowan’s orifice and canal surroundings.

Price, where to buy

The Rowan isn’t necessarily cheap ($95.00). But the price makes up for quality in its silicone sleeve design… Trust me.

You can get other non-silicone options but nothing will close-in on the exceptional touch that silicone sleeves have to offer.

And because of that, I’d say the experience from this tight friend will make everyone happy. Especially when you like the grip firm around your shaft! 

Currently, there are no other outlets distributing this model and are only exclusive for purchase at their Bad Dragon online shop.

They will offer you a warranty and have shipping options if you’re from outside the USA (at extra charge).

DO NOT buy such products from eBay or Amazon. You might end up getting fakes made from unknown materials from the sellers there.

And what’s more, you’ll likely not get a legitimate warranty on your purchase.

Moving Forward:

As I promised you above, here’s a small table showing the different model-specs for the Bad Dragon toys.

This will help you get a better understanding of how each product differs from the other one. See it below.

LENGTH (inches)
Bad Dragon Rowan
Bad Dragon Nix
Stumped tail
Long Protruding Tail
You carry it
placed on a surface
Solo Play
Solo, Couple Play
LENGTH (inches)

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

Bad Dragon Rowan review Design & Features

The Rowan may come in custom firmness (firm, medium, soft), size, and color. Though as per the time I was making this review, the customizing option was not currently not available.

But from my specimen (standard)… I like how the entrance’s grip is quite tight. The inner walls have ridges and ripples that give sensational pleasures on your shaft.

There’s an inner ring that also gives the tip a nice feeling if you’re endowed to reach that far.

The silicone body also provides a comfortable grip when holding the toy.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

My toy came with its own ‘Cum Lube’ recommended for use on silicone toys. At first, the anal opening might appear a bit snug but it actually gets comfortable as you settle in 🙂

Tip: Warm your toy first to get it in the mood.

The body is arousing upon touch, and it gives a sturdy grip. It also has a nice pair of butt cheeks to stimulate your fantasy further. 

Another amazing thing is that sliding in was just like natural anal… a little bit of fighting here and there, but we know the rod always gets its way!

After penetrating the first ring on the opening, the ridges and ribbed walls rubbed against my shaft in an ecstatic way.

I enjoyed the thrust motion especially when I added extra lube into the toy. 

I enjoyed that it also doesn’t produce a lot of sounds even when I’m in ‘beast mode’ and actually got me to orgasm in 10 minutes.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning is easy and straightforward. 

You can just use mild soap and running water to do this. But make sure you’ve flushed all your life juice from the innards and dry your toy with a lint-free cloth before storing.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Yes, I would! I think Rowan is a darling and will definitely get you satisfied.

Its smooth texture and size give great user experience while its silicone body provides one of the best feelings when using sex toys.


Who is it for?

  • If you like your anals tight.
  • If you want a hand-held penetrable.
  • If you like custom made toys.

Who is it not for?

  • Guys who prefer more texture details.
  • Guys who prefer looser toys.

What Do Other People Think About It?

We scouted the Red Light Streets of Reddit to see what other users had to say about the Bad Dragon Rowan penetrable. Check them out.

Here is one user Valkires, who made this comparison between the Rowan and Twitch Model:

“I enjoy Rowan much more. I have both along with many others and if I’d get rid of one of them, I’d sell of twitch much sooner than Rowan.

That “sphincter” or tight spot in the center of the toy really adds to the pleasure, despite when looking it the cross-cut it doesn’t look like it is a big deal.

Twitches textures somewhat get lost. You see what looks quite interesting internal textures but when you use him you can barely notice a difference.”


From Neverendingpet:

“Rowan entrance is tight, but he’s not as snug the rest of the way through. I still enjoy him – just need to re-lube sometimes to keep his asshole sliding along the length of my shaft instead of tightly gripping me as I trust in/out.

My girth is 5.5” so if you’re 6” then you’re still likely fine. If you’re really worried about tightness then I’d suggest Duke’s Muzzle – he’s quite loose and still feels great. Hope this helps!”


Another user, AlexDragontheDragon had this to say about the tear:

“Pretty much what you have seen from Rowan is true. Tight, setting ridges(mostly feels smooth to me), and an amazing middle ring. Mine did tear, but I have no idea how or when. The tear was blending in with the texture of the entrance.

Wasn’t till I was washing him that I stretch it a small bit to let water though that I noticed the tear. But all in all, he is still an entertaining toy.”

Source: Reddit user, AlexDragontheDragon.


Bad Dragon Rowan alternatives

The Rowan will get a 4-star from me as I feel improvement could be made on its texture and detail on the toy itself.

But in any case…

If you’d want to experience something that gives more of a realistic touch, then check out Onaholes.

For a penetrable toy offering services in the lines of fun vibration, auto-stroking, and suction, blowjob machines would be great.

If you want to stick with the Bad Dragon brand, check out the best Bad Dragon masturbator article we wrote for other choices.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Drawing the curtains… we appreciate the creativity presented in the Rowan. It has nice muscle simulations ribbed across the internals and is enjoyable!

More so, its small size is perfect for use when holding and the tightness is also assuring, especially if you like tight toys.

But also, if you want vibrators and automatic strokers, I’d advise that you check out the other options I’ve mentioned above for better experiences.

I hope this Bad Dragon Rowan review helps you with your purchase! Feel free to share and ask questions in the Comments Section below.

See you in the next review!

Bad Dragon Rowan Review

Dainis Graveris

bad dragon rowan penetrable


It’s a great masturbator made from silicone and offers alternative stimulating experience especially if you like tight toys. However you pay extra for the price and can get more automated experience for the same price.

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