Bad Dragon Nova Review: How Good Is This Breeder Dildo?

Bad Dragon’s Nova Breeder is a great dildo made from the finest quality of silicone ever produced. It is heavily detailed with a texture of overlapping ridges that gives you a great thrusting stimulation. This toy is not specific to either vaginal or anal play and is usable for both P or G-spot stimulation.

bad dragon nova with hands

The Good | It is made of pure silicone that offers a great skin-like appeal and uncensored thrusting sensations. It has a detailed texture with 3 pleasurable ridges that stimulate inside your anal walls. It has a gently receding body curve that helps in angling the tip onto the prostate or g-spot.

The Bad | This toy just doesn’t cut it if you are a vibrator stud. It doesn’t have the highly sorted after hands-free experience as it requires you to engage manual thrusting/plugging. It abjectly lacks precision. Also, its tip is very pointy and can cause discomfort when it pokes against the prostate wall.

The Bottom Line | The most outstanding fact about the Nova is that you can use it for both vaginal and prostate stimulation. The silicone body construct is always an appreciated gesture from Bad Dragon. The texture is also well-detailed and fills you up good. For all it’s worth, the price is pretty decent for the kind of quality and experience you’ll get.

So we’re here again because Bad Dragon hit us with another release of their fantasy toy. Though it came out some time back, it only recently piqued my curiosity. 

Thus, the reason for this Bad Dragon Nova review.

This dildo is a multipurpose sex toy that can rub up the g-spot and also aid males in their quests to experience the elusive Super-O.

Well, the Nova is very authentic, has a layered skin design, and a bulging knot near the base of the toy’s shaft. It’s also silicone-made therefore the insertion is a very safe affair.

But looking deeper:

Did Bad Dragon hit the home-run with this multipurpose stimulator, or was it a miss? And, does the Nova get the job done to satisfying levels in both prostate and G-spot play? 

Also, should guys let this dildo rally behind them or should they just stick with the known prostate massagers?

Let’s find out about all this below…

Bad Dragon Nova Specs and Tech Overview

Bad Dragon Nova Specs And Tech Overview


I have the Medium size with a level 5 (also medium) firmness.

It’s circumference measures 6” – 8.5” – 6.5″ for the head, knot, and shaft respectively. Its diameter measures in order, 2” – 2.8” – 1.7” again for the head, knot, and shaft dimensions. 

To top it off, it has a total length of 9” with a reusable length of 7.5”.

For me, the size is quite decent. Also, mine has a hard base and therefore no cum-tube present. 


As it’s predominant with all Bad Dragon’s sex toys, the Nova is also made from body-safe Silicone that’s latex and phthalates-free.

It’s also non-porous, so you can reuse it even after multiple washes.

Price, where to buy

Currently, the base price for this toy is $75.00 and is exclusively sold only at the Bad Dragon Online Store.

You’ll get a warranty with any order you make there and a range of shipping options if you’re within or outside the US.

At the time of this review though, the Nova model was currently unavailable. They also have temporarily closed buying of made-to-order toys.

I know… What the hell!? Right? 🙂 They’re probably restocking though!

Nevertheless. DO NOT attempt to buy these items off Amazon or eBay! The distributors there will ship you fake products made from potentially harmful materials.

Stay safe and save your money!

Table to compare different Nova specs:

Below is a simple table I prepared representing the different sizes and firmness available with this toy. Check it out:

Note: Split firmness comes in 2 types:

  • Split firm – The shaft is made in Medium and the base in Firm.
  • Split wide – The shaft is made in Soft and the base in Firm.

Design & Functionality

bad dragon design and functionality

The customization option at Bad Dragon means that the Nova also comes in different sizes and firmness.

If you succeed to get a make-to-order customizable, I advise you to pick the Firm option with smaller toys and Medium or Soft for the jumbo-sized perps!

Jumping right into the details:

It has a well-detailed head complete with a tapered tip for easy insertion. It also has 3 overlapping ridges with an authentic skin appeal that rubs your anal walls pleasantly during thrust motions.

This dildo is also fitted with a girthy knot further down nearer the base that serves as a sensation amplifier.

What’s more, the body has a receding curve that resembles an arc that helps with angling the toy correctly during use. 

Best of all, this toy serves a double function as men’s prostate massager and ladies’ G-spot stimulator.

Depending on your order, the current reboots come with a pre-fitted cum tube for an all-round splashing spree.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

As with all silicone toys, I used generous amounts of water-based lube with the Breeder before getting cozy with it. 

Tip: If you want to mount your Nova on a fuck machine, then I’d suggest you get one with a firmer base to support the thrusting force. 

Back to my experience… 

Well, I went with the Medium size as I figured, “Heck, where’s anything above 7.5” gonna go?” – Ain’t throwing shades if you’re a size junkie btw 🙂

I loved that the Nova’s shaft is soft and eliminates the risk of hurting the inner anal walls that are very sensitive. 

The first bummer I had with this toy is that even when you’re lubed up, you might still struggle to push the tip past the anal sphincters.

The reason for this is because the head is wobbly, unlike most p-massagers that have shafts with an internal frame for support.

But once you overcome this, you start feeling the ridges provide an overlapping sensation.

This is because they are layered above each other down the length of the Nova’s shaft. I couldn’t manage to get the knot in as it’s located way below near the base.

The thrusting experience, though tiring, gives a great stimulation all through. On the upside, the silicone material ensures that you don’t get sore from prolonged use of the toy.

Once you locate your prostate, the gentle throbbing from the frenulum part of the Nova’s head delivers very nice waves of pleasure.

You can further heighten this sensation by increasing/decreasing your thrusting speed while playing with some Kegel movements. 

For me, this got me to release some amount of cum always before I hauled the big load.

Adding this to the strong texture rippling across the anal linings, I could start feeling my pelvic floor give out some very strong involuntary pulses. 

CAUTION: Be careful not to bang your prostate too hard as the tip is kinda poky and can cause injury to your prostate.

Otherwise. Go crazy.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Bad Dragon Nova is pretty easy to clean. Also since it’s entirely made of Silicone, there are a couple of ways you can go about this process.

For instance, you can use warm water and soap to clean it all around. And if this doesn’t convince you, then you may also use the other available toy-cleaners if you trust their effectiveness more.

Again, other ways to go about this include boiling the toy for 3-6 minutes, throwing it on a dishwasher’s top rack, or wiping it clean with a 10% bleach solution. 

After you’re done washing and rinsing, you can air-dry the toy or use lint-free towels dry off excess moisture. The non-porous nature of the silicone used prevents it from harboring any bacteria or scent.

And as with other silicone toys, always remember to keep your Nova inside a bag (provided with the package). This will prevent it from accumulating dust, dirt, and other contaminants.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

I’d most likely recommend this toy for its p-spot or g-spot stimulation capabilities. Though it lacks precision, it has some amazing penetrative texture.

It also comes with different diameters for the most varied stimulation experience.

Best of all, if you’re a couple, you could also share the toy as long as you sanitize it well.

In short:

Who is it for?

  • If you are looking for a budget silicone dildo.
  • Guys who love toys with strong textures.
  • If you want a 2-way couple play.
  • Guys who like fantasy sex toys.

Who is it not for?

  • Guys who prefer vibrating prostate massagers.
  • Guys who prefer precision-oriented toys.
  • If you prefer smoother textures.

What Do Other People Think About It?

We’ve walked through the streets of Reddit and came upon some independent user reviews on the Nova. We thought we’d share some with you!

Let’s see what Krazy4KutKus had to say about her experience with the Nova from Bad Dragon:

“Be sure to use the sizing tool before you settle on any of them! I’m interested in the Nova vaginally myself actually, but I got a cracker, dexter, and Sleipnir coming in this weekend. I think anything with texture according to everyone else if you’re picking between a firm and medium the one to go with is medium. You don’t want to get ridge burn and people say firm flint pinches which would potentially happen with Nova’s ridges when coming out anally and the vagina is more sensitive and while you had to bumble that one is pretty smooth in most places. I was a little turned off because the curve looks backward to the vaginas shape so I’d love to hear more on it.”


Lavenderender had this advice to give over picking the right texture:

“Large Nova is super long, most vaginal users can’t take medium Nova completely because it’s too long, let alone the large. But if you’re able to take all that length, I’d definitely say go with medium firmness over the firm, unless you want a really really slow session and love rough texture more than anything.”


Here’s the last comment from BDMountain Dragon explaining his experience with the wife:

“We had a medium Nova for a while but sold it. My wife enjoyed it occasionally but the tip was a bit too pointy inside (vaginally) when she got to the knot. With all those ridges it’s also not as exciting for thrusting if you like to go faster and aren’t a huge fan of the texture. She has a large Echo that’s been a favorite for a while. Offers a great balance of length and girth, but not a lot of texture. The taper is great. The knot on medium Dexter is almost the same size as the knot on large Nova.

Sadly, you likely will never get to enjoy Nova completely. I’m yet to see a vid/review of a female take Nova’s large knot vaginally due to how far down on Nova it is.”

BDMountain Drago


Simply put… If you’re not convinced at this point and want a toy that maybe performs better and is entirely specialized for prostate stimulation, then I have something for you.

But first, for the ladies… If you’ve hanged around here also hoping to get a more dedicated G-spot stimulator, then the Njoy Pure Wand is a must-have for you.

Back to the gents… The Nexus Revo Stealth is a suitable match if you truly need a toy purposefully made for prostate stimulation. Especially if you’re just getting into prostate play.

To crown it all, you can also check out our guide on prostate massagers for a more detailed look on what’s currently on the market.

Oh, and for more generously themed high quality dildos check:

Mr. Hankey’s Toys (⭐ Best Fantasy Dildos Store)

We’ve concluded that of Mr. Hankey Toys offer the best quality & price for the huge fantasy dildos. While there are great alternatives for custom-made dragon dildos. If you care about speed, price and quality, Hankey’s Toys proved to be unbeatable.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Prostate play varies and may require lengthy playtimes before achieving the Super-O. And I don’t think that is what you’ll get with this toy (unless you are Popeye).

Thrusting eventually works a strain on your hands and you might end up calling it quits out of exhaustion, rather than an orgasm.

So, if you want a toy that’s a specifically designed prostate massager and gets the work done for you, then think Revo Stealth! And for the beautiful ladies reading this, I promise the Njoy Pure Wand won’t disappoint.

Have you enjoyed reading this article? Feel free to share and ask any questions in the Comment Section below!

Nice time ahead 🙂

Bad Dragon Nova Review

Dainis Graveris

bad dragon nova dildo


The Nova Bad Dragon is usable for both G-spot and P-spot stimulation as its features are not entirely gender-specific. The soft silicone is an effective pleasure contributor and the shaft’s texture gives very intense sensations.

Dainis Graveris

Dainis Graveris

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