Bad Dragon Nix Review: Is This BD Penetrable Sleeve Good?

Nix is a Bad Dragon sleeve that’s ranking high as one of the best penetrable from the company. Its extra detailed body and texture give you very arousing sensations that lead to fantastic experiences. It’s a large toy, but pleasing if you love it big.

bad dragon nix sleeve

The Good | It has the trademark silicone body that brings softness during play. The body has a well-detailed design with hips and curves that gives you exciting arousals. Its internal texture is amazing and very stimulating to the penis. It’s also a great penetrable for a satisfying thrusting rut.

The Bad | Nix comes in a big size that may make discreet storage a problem. Warming it up may also take a little while.

The Bottom Line | The Bad Dragon Nix’s penetrable is an awesome toy that has brought in a fresh style with its extra size model. The details in the curves, inner texture, and the protruding tail are also a great finesse. You can use it with different positions and it comes at a fair price.

Bad Dragon is constantly picking at our fantasies with their ever-increasing creativity in toy development.

We’re going to do a Bad Dragon Nix review today and give you some insight on the kind of work thrown into making this male penetrable.

The Nix comes in great body design and since it’s from Bad Dragon, you can spice it up a bit with your own customization.

Like all the other best Bad Dragon toys from the same company, Nix is made using the pleasant silicone material on the entire toy.

After we conclude, you might just agree with my opinion that it’s one of the best penetrable sleeves from Bad Dragon’s toy catalog!

Continue reading and see what I found out about its design, specs, use, and most importantly, where to find one for purchase.

There’ll also be a table comparing the Nix and another model for buyer knowledge.

Bad Dragon Nix Tech and Specs Overview

bad dragon nix overview


The Nix model comes in one size for all purchases. Its size is a lot bigger than your usual BD toy! And I know for some of us, ‘bigger is better’!

Anyway… Its circumference in the narrowest part is 14.25” and 10.5” on the widest. At the diameter, it’s 4.6” for the widest part and 3.7” on the narrowest.

It has a total length of 12.5” with a usable length of 8”.

That gives for ‘one thick-ass babe’.


They have used body-safe silicone for the entire body. This makes the thrusting and stimulation more fun and teasing to your genitals.

Hint: The Nix model glows in the dark if you get yours in the Natural selection. Talk of having light moments…

Price, where to buy

Bad Dragon’s toys are fairly priced considering the awesome silicone bodies they produce.

So I wouldn’t say that $95.00 (current price) is a rip-off if you truly care about your penis, right?! Plus considering you’ll get a warranty.

Update, Dec 18, 2020: Bad Dragon no longer offers warranty on masturbators.

And what’s more, they are only exclusive to Bad Dragon so you can be sure to avoid common trade-offs, like what you might get from generic shops on Amazon and eBay.

Amazon and eBay sellers have a tendency of sending you knock-offs made from generic materials and won’t give you a warranty.

Also, if you’re shipping outside the US, you will incur some extra bucks to cover the delivery.

Their shipping timeline isn’t entirely dependable, but however long, the product will be worth it.

See this comparison:

Now, as promised, here’s a small table comparison that represents different tech and specs for the Bad Dragon Nix and Bad Dragon Rowan. This will give you a clear picture of what both deals offer. 

Check it out below:

LENGTH (inches)
Bad Dragon Nix
Bad Dragon Rowan
Long Protruding Tail.
Stumped tail.
Heavier, Best
used on a surface.
Lighter, You carry it.
Solo, Couple Play.
Solo Play.
LENGTH (inches)

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

bad dragon nix design and features

In my own experience with Bad Dragon’s toys, I think that the Nix is one of the best detailed, even from the outer surface. And here’s why:

It has thick and well-highlighted hips that increase arousal. The body has curves and a scaled texture that feeds well your dragon fantasies.

If we get in, it has well-mapped out ridges and folds in the internals that are soft on your penis and gives you an intense stimulation.

Best of all, BD has given this dragon a ‘tail’ for a steady grip if you are a Rough-Rider. It’s also handy if you are playing quite the gentleman and gives a nice and bouncy resistance.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

By now, I know you’d want to know how this thick-ass dragon feels like in use…

Well, warming her up took me quite a while as she’s a plus size. Nix’s weight is also a bit heftier than Rowan and unless you’re Hulk, you’d probably have to lay her down sometimes during your playtime.

The curve details on the Nix’s body and hips were extremely arousing to me.

Once, I got my water-based lube inside her and on myself, I gave a quick survey with my fingers and it was actually very pleasurable.

The sleeve’s entrance is tight but in a good way and everything was, to my surprise, much ‘looser’ further inside.

The ribbed ridges inside sent massive spasms of pleasure up my dong which made me enjoy the thrusting experience very much.

The internal is not that tight as with Rowan, but still, the sensations within are pretty intense.

Despite its large size, Nix is fairly silent and you can use her in a shared apartment, so long as you keep your grunts on-the-low…

Oh! And did I mention that you can do a number of styles with her? Missionary, doggy, standing, or any other that’ll work for you!

As if that’s not enough, you can do a couple’s play using the other opening (though it’s not as tight as the tail entry).

In a nutshell, this penetrable can get you to orgasm in less than 3 minutes if you let it.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning the Bad Dragon Nix is not a big hassle. But considering its size, you might want to take extra care to make her spotless clean.

Use running water and mild soap to clean her surface and internals. You may dry it with a lint-free cloth afterward to prevent bacterial/fungal growth.

BD includes a bag with each package that you can use to store your Nix in. I must say though that you might want a bigger space than your drawer.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Yes, I would! Bad Dragon’s Nix has passed the 85% performance mark in my assessment.

It’s an amazing fantasy penetrable that gives you the experience of a satisfying penetrable. If you don’t mind a thick-and-not-too-tight toy, then this toy will be a great match for you.

But first:

Who is it for?

  • Guys who love a good silicone experience.
  • If you love thick (m)asses.
  • Guys who are well hung (added experience bonus).

Who is it not for?

  • Guys who prefer vibrators and automatic strokers.
  • Guys who like tighter toys.
  • Guys who like smaller escapades.

What Do Other People Think About It?

We got some user reviews and comments from Reddit that talked on the BD Nix penetrable.

One user, BigTee66 shared this from his experience with Nix:

“She’s amazing, my first time was just downright mind-blowing. It felt like I was with an actual dragon. Textures are pretty tame and not intense, even the back end was easy to you. Tightness is pretty tame and loosens dramatically after halfway through, so hollow it may be more hollow than Janine. Also, she is the heaviest toy I ever had. I highly recommend it for anyone, better if you are a monster-sized one down there.”


Here’s FennekinFC, with his sentiments on Nix’s size and detail:

“She is pretty big, making her easy to grip and hold. You can hold her with two hands and really give her a rut.

These details include her thighs, her curves, and her underbelly. Toys with this much detail imagine how a deer sleeve would be like if they went with this form detail or any concept complete with sexy puffy tail raised tail. She can be used on both sides.

Nix’s natural color glows in the dark. A subtle glow but Natural nix glows. I don’t know if the others though you know like the Signature one of the various custom colors.

She is adamant and does not tear easily. I have not gone full rough on her, but she is pretty sturdy. Her entrance is rather tight not too tight of course but not too loose in fact she does get looser the further in, but that does not affect the feeling.

She is good for first-time users. It is too early to rate nix at this time, but right now she is in my 2nd place. Her base is wide so you can prop her on a flat surface and she won’t wiggle or move.”


Are There Any Good Alternatives?

bad dragon nix alternatives

But what if you want a toy (not necessarily silicone) that gives you more than what Nix offers?

Say, you want a penetrable that offers a little more on the realism, maybe automatic vibrators (if that’s your style) or any other reason?

Well, you’re in luck! 

Check out best Onaholes to see top male toys with ultra-realistic experiences!

If you want toys that give you fun vibrations, automatic stroking, and suctions, then blowjob machines will sort you out.

For other Bad Dragon options, see our best Bad Dragon masturbator guide and Bad Dragon Zoie review.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Putting a lid on this one…

The Nix is a fun Bad Dragon penetrable that’s unique in use and experience. Its detailed curves and hip structure are very exciting to hold and touch during use.

Its large and thick appearance is an exciting touch but may cause a little problem when storing. 

Although if you love extra sizes, then this toy is a superb match for yours truly!

But if you want a better experience from other toys offering vibrations, suctions and automatic stroking, then you should probably check out the alternatives listed above.

That’s my cue!

If you’ve enjoyed this Bad Dragon Nix review, feel free to share and ask any questions in the Comment Section below!


Bad Dragon Nix Review

Dainis Graveris

bad dragon nix


The Nix is a fun Bad Dragon penetrable that’s unique in use and experience. Its detailed curves and hip structure are very exciting to hold and touch during use. It’s one of a kind toy.

Dainis Graveris

Dainis Graveris

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