Bad Dragon Mary Review: Is It Any GOOD?

Mary The Anthro Mare offers an organic texture in its silicone sleeve that plays well to attend to your nerves. This Bad Dragon masturbator is a snug fit and perfect for guys who enjoy build-up journeys as well as intense final explosions.

Bad Dragon Mary cover

The Good | Bad Dragon’s Mary has a nicely detailed orifice at the entry. It’s great for long plays because of the softer sleeve texture inside. It also has a balanced tightness vs looseness that offers awesome build-up experiences. It’s easy to clean and durable.

The Bad | Mary is quite large and heavy for long periods of hand-use. Its general body aesthetic does not match up to others’ in the line. Its entry’s tightness may not be for everyone and may cause ugly tears at the bottom.

The Bottom Line | It’s an awesome toy that works well without extra suction and has a nicely balanced texture for build-ups. Its silicone sleeve is also a snug fit and the entry’s tightness (depending on your girth) is a great detail. Thought its price may come out as expensive to some, you’d agree that you won’t get this quality silicone experience elsewhere.

Bad Dragon’s Mary is a great fantasy toy that draws its inspiration from an anthropomorphic mare.

Now, it’s a very nice fit if, in your fantasies, you love to have sexual experiences with equine characters. 

The Bad Dragon Mary is created with a detailed orifice that’s really inviting. It has a firm body with thick lips, pronounced clitoris and it’s relatively tight.

In this Bad Dragon Mary review today, we are going to give you a keener look at its size, material build, and body texture. We’ll also take a look at its design and features and see how they relate to how this male penetrable really works to give you pleasure.

As a buying guide, we’ll give you a comparison table for model specs and provide alternatives (check out the best Bad Dragon choices here) that may be better than this toy if you want a different experience.

Saddle up, par’ner!

Bad Dragon Mary Tech and Specs Overview

Bad Dragon Mary overview


Mary is a pretty heavy toy if you compare it to her counterparts. She’s hefty like Nix and kinda large for a long hand-play.

The circumference of her head measures 12.5” and is 9.25” at the shaft. For the diameter dimensions, she’s about 4.2” around the head and approximately 3.2” at the shaft again.

Her total length is 8.00” and has a usable length of the same measurement.

When you unbox her, she weighs at about 1.3 – 1.5 lbs and is actually a great deal if you want lighter toys.

But despite that, she’ll fit with most guys giving varying satisfaction.


Mary is also made with the same silicone material as the other BD toys. This has gone into its interior and exterior surroundings.

The use of silicone separates Bad Dragon as an exquisite creator greatly focused on the user’s touch experience.

The toy is subtle to your penis and gives pleasure as-is from the sleeve’s texture.

Price, where to buy

Simply put, this toy is not ideal for low budget guys. It retails at $95.00 currently but makes up through the quality silicone material and a great experience from its use.

Also worth noting is that Mary, like all BD’s products, is exclusive only to the Official Bad-Dragon online store.

They will give you a warranty on your purchase and shipping options if you’re ordering from outside the US continent.


Amazon and eBay remain a NO-GO ZONE for such purchases! You’ll most likely end up receiving a counterfeit that’s made from unknown materials, potentially harmful for human use.

As Promised:

Here’s a small table comparing model specs between the Bad Dragon Mary and Zoie (see our Bad Dragon Zoie review). I hope this will help when making a call on which model to order.

Check it out below…

COLOR (primary)
Bad Dragon Mary
Bad Dragon Zoie
Stumped, Laid-Back
COLOR (primary)
Earthy Brown
and Metallic Purple
Placed on a
Placed on a Surface
Solo Play
Solo Play

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

Bad Dragon Mary Design and Features

To be concise:

This toy has great internal sleeve detail fantastic for epic build-ups before orgasms. Its texture is intense but soft unlike the Nix or Rowan, which makes edging quite a journey.

The entrance is tight and sends intense sensations immediately you get in.

Its body is relatively snug and has a laid-back tail perfect for sturdy grips when handling. This is also amped by the silicone material that’s a natural grip-enhancer.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

BD toys turn out a lot better to use when you warm them up first before lubing.

Get this… Mary has a very beautiful entry full with an ass-hole and clitoris and is detailed with gently parted lips. The entrance again is rather tight and persists throughout the canal.

The inside texture is soft and welcoming and I enjoyed the delicate ridge feeling it had on my peen.

This was particularly great for my build-ups as its tightness and looseness hang on a perfect balance.

This experience may not be for everyone though as tightness is not great for everyone.

The stimulations around my shaft were very comfortable and this also was amplified by the bumps and ridges that send intense pulses up my penile nerves.

To cut off the steam… you can stay for as long or as short you want inside Mary’s tight embrace.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Clean-up is a walk. Use a faucet to flush down your business through its open end then wash with mild soap and you’re done! 

Also, its silicone body is more durable than TPE plastics.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Yes, I would. I think BD’s Mary is a great penetrable that’s relatively tight and intense. It’s good especially when you prefer tight toys.

In short:

Who is it for?

  • Guys who love build-up play.
  • Guys who love ‘em tight and squeezy.
  • If you like getting off in silicone.

Who is it not for?

  • Guys looking for a quick experience.
  • If you don’t like tight toys.
  • Guys who don’t like large and hefty toys.

What Do Other People Think About It?

We’ve gathered a few reviews from the NSFW lounge in Reddit showing what other people are saying about this product.

Here’s a comment from one user who shared his experience with Mary:

“Mary is my most recent addition, and since I’ve had her, I have used her a handful of times already, so yes multiple times a day. While my Hazel is just jet black, the Mary I picked up is rogue and is a silver bluish color, looks pretty good overall.

Mary, like Hazel, has a very well designed entrance; hell the look is part of why we buy these things, let’s be honest. Her design in general is a good deal more snug than Hazel. Hazel starts out a little snug at the entrance and then opens up, but Mary stays snug from front to back. 

Her entrance is somewhat stimulating but less so than Hazel, however, her texture is much more pronounced, and combined with her being tighter than Hazel she is a more stimulating toy overall.

So far I have not noticed any tearing, but the bottom portion of her entrance could be a potential spot for tears to develop; the downside to her being tighter is that her tears may be harder to repair, but if they’re shallow should be fairly easy to do overall, her tightness also means that tears should seal better as the toy applies its own pressure to the area that you hit with Sil Poxy.”


Here’s another user, Krrst2013 who had this to share about the current BD’s Mary design:

“Jeez, I was not expecting this! I will say I’m really glad I have the old Mary. While this new version does look really nice the internal texture looks fairly simple. I prefer textures that are more stimulating which is why I liked the now old Mary. She’s kinda like a slightly smoother Janine.

Now, she looks like Hazel’s texture throughout the whole thing. Hazel without the crazy bump would just be boring. Also, why are they not providing actual pictures of the cross-section anymore? Sacrificing one toy to get an accurate representation of the toy isn’t that big of a deal, is it?

On a different note, the exterior does look really cool though! The incorporation of the tail and the anus is a really neat addition that they’ve never had on any of the female penetrable. The tail is really detailed and provides more realism in the toy which I like.

It would be interesting to have a toy with both holes usable but I’d be scared of the price increase, they’re already pretty spendy as it is.”



Bad Dragon Mary Alternatives

Here’s the deal: Bad Dragon’s Mary is a great toy with its silicone appeal. 


There are other blowjob machines (not entirely silicone) in the market that offer exciting experiences like suctions, vibrations, and automatic stroking and feel way better.

I’ve selected a few options in my professional experience that I know will serve you quite exceptionally.

So, for a crazy ultra-realistic masturbator, then Onaholes are a superb bet for you.

If you want to play with toys with a bit of flair in vibrations, auto-stroking, and suctions then blowjob machines are what you’re looking for!

You should probably check ‘em out!

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Bad Dragon Mary’s silicone touch is also sensational and the balanced tight vs loose internal texture makes it a great toy for edging. I wouldn’t say its good for thrusting but its definitely best for gentle rides.

But if you feel that such tightness is not your style or just want a superior experience, then you ought to check out the alternatives I’ve given you above.

I hope this review has helped quench your ona-thirst!

If you enjoyed reading this, then feel free to share and leave any questions on the comments section below!

Catch me in the next Red Light!

Bad Dragon Mary Review

Dainis Graveris

bad dragon mary penetrable


Bad Dragon’s Mary masturbator is an amazing option with a very pleasing vaginal detail at the entry. While it doesnt work for some and it’s pricey, silicone will last for a very long time.

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