Bad Dragon Harness: How To Use Big Dildos As A Strapon

Want to use your bigger Bad Dragon toys with your partner? Discover how to achieve this bad dragon harness strapon combo easily.

bad dragon harness

Do you have any of the most popular big sized Bad Dragon toys like Nix, Nova, Rex, Flint, Chance, Nox or Stan?

Sitting on them is fine, but wouldn’t it be awesome if you could share this fun with your partner?

Instead of you riding the toy, what if you just needed to relax and receive it?

A hot fantasy right, but not far from reality 🙂

How Do You Use Bad Dragon Toy with Harness?

You’ll need two things:

  • a high quality harness that allows interchangeable O-rings – comfort is of key importance here because those big Bad Dragon toys are heavy. Tiny straps will sink in your skin and will ruin the experience
  • Big O-rings – yes, there are standard O-rings that you can buy in all sex stores, but those are usually meant for standard sized dildos. For BIG toys you’ll need BIG O-rings.

The most important thing to watch out with harness is whether or not the hole is limited to specific size.

Like usually Spareparts Joque or Aslan Jaguar Harness would be a great harness, but in this case because of their closed-ended front frame it brings some limitations.

bad dragon harness example

To be able to use your harness with really big toys you need a type of harness that in front only has clips for O-ring and nothing else.

The good example is in image to the right side. You might need some special padding for the crotch area, but that’s the only way.

What Are The Best Strapon Harnesses For Big Bad Dragon Toys?

There are not many well-done comfortable harnesses with adjustable O-rings and open front area.

I can make two recommendations for the best strap on harness in the market:

  • one is a quality leather harness that will last you for years.
  • second is cheaper PVC and polyester harness if you don’t like leather and want it to machine washable

Aslan Leather Commando Harness

Aslan Leather Commando Harness

Material: Leather | Style: Thong & G-style | Range of adjustability: up to 56″ | Sizes: 2, standard and large | O-rings: 2″ rubber

Aslan is known and recognised as the highest quality harness manufacturer.

Leather feels great on skin and will hold big weight with ease. It also looks sexy and actually looks better after years of use.

There are two sizes you can pick from so it will fit whether you’re slim or curvier.

While this harness comes with rubber O-ring which is not ideal, keep in mind you’ll need to get a bigger stainless steel ring either way.

Of course, it’s not all perfect. Leather means that it’s porous and you cannot 100% clean it.

It’s not a good option if you’ll want to use it with different people or want something that’s machine washable.

CalExotics Her Royal Highness O-Ring Harness

CalExotics Her Royal Highness O-Ring Harness

Material: PVC | Style: Thong, crotchless | Range of adjustability: up to 64″ | Sizes: 1 | O-rings: comes with 3 rings – 1.5″, 1.75″, 2″ made from metal

For a very affordable price (less than $50) you get a reasonably comfortable harness with 3 interchangeable metal O-rings.

There is 1 year warranty, but I would recommend Aslan Commando if you’re planning to use the harness with really big Bad Dragon toys.

If you’re looking for small to medium size Bad Dragon toy harness – it will work good enough.

But for more, these straps simply won’t be durable or comfortable enough.

It’s handy that Calexotics harness comes with 3 metal o-rings, but keep in mind that you will need to get bigger rings either way.

Where To Find Big O-rings?

First of all, you’ll need to get a stainless steel O-ring – rubber won’t be sturdy enough for those big Bad Dragon toys.

While Bad Dragon doesn’t offer any help to strapon play enthusiasts, another huge dildo maker Mr. Hankey’s Toys does.

And while we’re on the topic, you should really check some of their fantasy dildos. They offer the sizes and firmness options as BD does, but they don’t offer as much color customisation.

This is good and bad – yes, you don’t get crazy colors, but you get the toy fast. Bad Dragon is famous for their super long delivery times.

But I digress…

In their accessory section you can find both a high quality harness and 2.5″ and 3″ metal rings that will fit with even the largest toys!

mr hankey harness and o rings


Additionally, you can also explore the hardware store – you might find bigger rings there for a great price.

What To Watch Out For When Inserting Big Dildos in A bad dragon harness?

There is only one precaution – when using soft dildos to squeeze through those metal O-rings you should be gentle.

If you push them too forcefully you might damage the silicone toy (there is repair glue on Mr. Hankey accessory section Sil-Poxy).

Other than that – have fun and let the BIG strapon games begin!

There you have it!

If you have any additional questions, suggestions or worries ask in the comment section below to nail the best bad dragon harness for you!

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