Bad Dragon Cum Lube Review: Is It Any Good?

The Bad Dragon lube does a decent job of mimicking actual male ejaculate. The updated version, though more physically appealing, has given many users, body reactions. Also, the smell and taste are far from realistic and leave lots of room for improvement. Find out more in this Bad Dragon Cum Lube review.

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The Good | The Bad Dragon cum lube is a water-based lubricant. This means it is perfectly safe to use it on both silicone and TPE toys. The product actually looks like the real male ejaculate. You can use it if you have a customized Bad Dragon or any other toy with a cum-tube feature. 

The Bad | The Bad Dragon Cum Lube (white update) contains some ingredients that caused some mighty reactions with a number of users. Also, the smell and taste are off-putting and are nothing like real cum. And again, it’s probably way too sticky and may leave quite a mess afterwards. 

The Bottom Line | The BD cum lube is a great attempt at replicating the nature and function of real cum. On the other hand, due diligence wasn’t done to ensure that the product is 100% safe for human body use. Also, the taste and scent feel chemical and that prevents maximum user experience. 

The Bad Dragon lube is an invention meant to mimic actual cum and spice up solo and partner-play.

But before we set things rolling… What is Cum Lube?

Well, Cum Lube is a lubricant that is meant to imitate the real male cum. Bad Dragon’s Cum Lube is mostly used to complement their BD dildos having the cum-tube features.

See more examples in our best lube for Fleshlight guide.

Now, Bad Dragon created 2 versions of this over the recent past. The White and Clear version. 

The White was an update of the Clear Cum Lube. 

It had an extra ingredient called PEG-90. The lube caused severe reactions in a number of people. This resulted in it getting recalled from retail. A move aimed at mitigating further damages on the users.

So, at present, only the clear cum lube is available for retail.

Bad Dragon Cum Lube Review: Tech And Specs Overview


The Bad Dragon Cum Lube has a total of 4 ingredients and 5 for the recalled White version.

That said, both of them are water-based and are therefore safe to use with any toys.

The ingredients found in the Clear Cum Lube include:

  1. Water
  2. Potassium Sorbate
  3. Polyethylene Oxide
  4. Citric Acid (for pH adjustment)

The White Cum Lube has an addition of a compound called PEG-90. This enhances its viscosity and binding properties.

Price, Where To Buy

The Bad Dragon’s clear Cum Lube (8 Ounce Regular Bottle) retails at $7.00.

And what’s more… 

It’s exclusive, being sold only at BD’s Official Store. And if you find it elsewhere, RUN! Those are probably knockoffs.

Shipping Time

Bad Dragon does local (within the US) and international shipping (at an additional cost).

Now, while the products are incredible and high-quality, the most annoying thing with the Bad Dragon company is its unreliable delivery timeline

Most of the time your product may take a while before it reaches you despite the dates given during check-out.

Also worth mentioning…

Ordering and shipping out of the US may not be as discreet as domestic delivery. This is because you have to declare liquids (type, description, and ingredients) during exportation…

Customs policy.

In Use: How Does It Taste & Smell Like

When we got our delivery, the cum lube arrived packed in a brown box that didn’t shout its contents. 

Before using the lube you have to shake it well first. 

So, I poured a few drops of the cum lube on my index finger and brought it closer to my face for scent and taste inspection. 

From what my smelling senses could pick… 

I can for sure say that that ain’t what real ejaculate smells like. You’ll get a mixture of ‘grey’ scents with a sharp chemical hint. It’s as if you’re smelling uncooled plastic material.

As for the taste… I had to go in with a slight lick with the tip of my tongue.


This Cum Lube has a PVC tinge that makes your tongue coil back. I would name it sort of “chemical”. 

Of course, I agree… These products aren’t originally made to go into our mouths. But if the idea is to replicate reality, then taste should at least be considered. 

That said, the realness is what most companies struggle to replicate.

How Long Does It Last When Applied? Does It Feel Realistic?

Worth pointing out here is that applying small amounts of the Cum Lube is the safest bet. This, again, mostly applies when you’re using the white version.

This is because the liquid is very sticky and tends to create long webs of strings on all points of contact. So, if applied in copious amounts, you may get inconvenienced by the mess it creates afterward.

On the other hand, they both last quite a long while. From a single application, I never got to need another top-up throughout our session. 

The smell had thrown my girl off, so she wasn’t in for a PIV tryout. So, I used this with one of my pocket pussies instead just to be thorough.

The lube does stay wet for a long time and it’s just the right amount of slippery. Figured you could use it to engage in anal play too. 

And in addition to that, it has a very strong adhesive quality that makes it stay in one place for a long.

Now, before they got recalled, I had already gotten my hands on the updated Cum Lube (white). And I have to give them credit for the physical appearance of the product though.

It has a milky color that resembles the real jeez and almost has the same level of viscosity. You know… like how actual cum really is and how fast or slow it flows when discharged.

The same could also be said about the retained Clear Cum Lube, except for the color. The level of stickiness might impress or dampen your mood depending on your preferences. 

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Even though the Cum Lube looks realistic and is fairly cheap, the fact that it had adverse effects with so many users makes me very concerned.

So, for this product today, I would not outrightly recommend it to users. At least not yet… 

And until Bad Dragon finds a lasting solution to their formula, I’d advise you to seek other options.


Who Is It For?

  • If you prefer something that can stand long sessions.
  • If you’d want to try an alternative lube for anal play.
  • People who like it when things get sticky.

Who Is It Not For?

  • If you have sensitive skin that may react with the ingredients mentioned above.
  • If you don’t like it too sticky.
  • People who can’t stand the lube’s PVC-kind-of smell.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Check out what other people had to say about the Bad Dragon Cum Lube. 

From YouTube, watch what Liz Lovejoy shared in this review video.

And from Reddit:

“Sticks. To. Everything.

Performs exceptionally well, just try to keep it away from things you don’t want to be covered in string-y cummyness. It’s practically alive.”


“It tastes like death. Like chemical death.

This was one of the first questions I had too when I first ordered a BD toy.

And yeah. It’s fun for a sticky mess. But better keep your mouth closed when you Bukakke yourself. 🙁 ”


“I have used both the clear and the white — watered down heavily — and while I was fine with the clear, I have a strong suspicion the white helped contribute to a yeast infection.

Which is odd since my bits aren’t really that sensitive, but when the only difference between “no unhappiness” and “yes unhappiness” is the lube… ”


Here goes puriketsu, who shared this experience when ordering:

“One thing to watch out for regarding discreetness: If ordering outside the US then they may need to declare liquids.

In my experience, the pouch thing on the outside of the box contained a delivery docket that did list a “lubricant” (along with the normal “silicone sculpture”).

And behind that was a card with the product name, description, ingredients, etc. I’m sure UPS had fun with that…”



I have a list of carefully hand-picked alternatives that you could use instead of the BD cum lube. 

Top of the list is the Sliquid Silk cum lube. Though not advertised as such, it has the same fluid and silky appearance as semen.

Also, it has safer ingredients, it is toxic-free and hypoallergenic. This is the best there is right now in the market.

My #2 suggestion is the Sliquid Swirl. It’s another brand from the Sliquid line and comes with a new strawberry flavor! It’s still toxic-free and does not react with people’s skin.

The last alternative for me is the Lovehoney Delight Silk. It also comes in white color and serves both as lube and as cum shot for ejaculating dildos.

This cum lube is water-based, vegan-friendly, and is one of the best cheap cum lubes.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

To anchor this down…

The Bad Dragon lube is a great product that could spice up your solo or couple play. They have made a nice attempt to emulate the real male ejaculate save for the few safety concerns

If they can rectify the formula of the updated white Cum Lube, then they’d score big with many users. But until then…

You could always check out any of the alternatives I’ve mentioned above or learn how to make fake cum.

I hope this Bad Dragon review was of great help to you!

Until next time!

Bad Dragon Cum Lube Review

Dainis Graveris

Bad Dragon Cum Lube


The Bad Dragon Cum lube is a pretty good product with good intentions but overall it doesn’t get the highest ranks due to the safety risks it presents.

Dainis Graveris

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