What Is The Average Penis Size In 2021? (Based On Scientific Studies)

Wondering what the average penis size is and how you compare? We went through more than 85 individual scientific studies and research essays to bring you the most comprehensive information.

What Is The Average Penis Size

Throughout history1, the penis has been worshipped, revered, and psychoanalyzed. It has been seen as a symbol of power, strength, ability, courage, and masculinity. With all of these (seemingly) at stake, it’s no wonder men are preoccupied with penis size.

Many men wonder how they compare to the average penis size. And there is just so much information! From polls to surveys, theories, myths, the odd legend thrown in for good measure, a tonne of scientific studies, and studies made of the studies. 

So, if you’re the owner of a penis or you’re just curious about cocks and their stats, then read on. 

But get comfortable, this is a biggy!

Average Penis Size Myths

First up. Let’s cut through some of the crap. When it comes to sizing up your sausage against the rest of the meat market, there is a lot of misinformation to chomp through. 

Here are five of the most common penis-size myths debunked:

MYTH #1: The average cock length is more than 6”

Many people still refer to a 70-year-old study conducted by pioneering sexologist Alfred Kinsey which declared the average penis size to be 6.21” long (almost 16cm) and 4.85” girth (12.3cm). 

While the study was noteworthy for being one of the first of its kind back in 1948, it’s not exactly trustworthy

The study reviewed the measurements of 3500 men, all white and all college-aged and therefore, not representative of the general American male population. Plus, all the results were self-measured and never verified.

MYTH #2: You Can Determine Schlong Size By Feet / Hand Size

Researchers at the University College London conducted a study that was published in the British Journal Of Urology2 which clearly showed no connection between penis size and foot (or hand) size. 

MYTH #3: All Black Guys Have Large Dicks / Asian Guys Have Small Dicks

There is no credible evidence that there is any correlation between race or ethnicity and penis size. While there are studies claiming to prove the connection, they are widely disregarded by the medical profession for being unscientific3 and based on untrustworthy sources.

A study published in the journal, “Sexuality Research and Social Policy”4 actually investigated perceived race-based stereotypes and penile length and found them to be largely unsupported by empirical data.

MYTH #4: Bigger Automatically Means Better In Bed

The reality can be the opposite. For example, if a woman with a shorter vagina has sex with a guy with a very long schlong, chances are it’s going to hurt. It’s not about bigger, it’s about compatibility5!

If you’re not convinced, check out what a 7-incher looks like in comparison to the anatomy of a petite female on this very NSFW Imgur thread…

MYTH #5: Tall Guys Have Bigger Cocks

In 2015 there was a study of studies6 (seriously!) looking at the correlation between height and penis size. The review found:

  • Two studies made a moderate connection; 
  • Seven studies made only a weak connection;
  • And two studies found no correlation at all. 

So, the jury’s out on this one. There isn’t enough evidence to make a bold and general statement that tall dudes are packing more in their underwear than their shorter buddies.

Key Facts About Penis Size

Here are some of the key penis size facts gathered from multiple studies (mentioned in this article) from around the world:

  • As many as 45% of men believe they have a small penis.
  • Average flaccid length is from 7 to 10cm (2.8 to 3.9”).
  • Average flaccid circumference/girth is between 9 to 10cm (3.5 to 3.9”).
  • Average erect length ranges from 12 to 16cm (4.7 to 6.3”).
  • Average erect circumference is approximately 12cm (4.7”).
  • 67% of female survey participants said penis size was only somewhat important, and 21.4% said penis size was not important at all. 
  • 85% of women are satisfied with their partner’s size.

BUT…Beware the Flaws in the Facts

Unfortunately, you can’t take all penis ‘facts’ at face value. There are many factors that affect outcome and accuracy. For starters, HOW measurements are taken should be considered. 

The graph below shows the difference between measurements taken by a researcher and self-reported measurements. The measurements done alone added an inch!

But, Why Do Guys Lie About Their Penis Size?

Penis size comes with a hefty side order of social and cultural beliefs, with many men perceiving penis size to be an indicator of masculinity and sexual power. 

Then add in popular media and pornography, which generally depict the more well-endowed man.

These beliefs and representations can leave men feeling insecure or inadequate, EVEN when they are average-sized. In fact, according to a 2002 report7, most men seeking penile lengthening procedures had a penis of “normal” length.

A poll by an online dating site8 showed just how much men exaggerate about size, country by country. Turns out, the Aussies are more likely to add inches to their mate down-under.

But, back to the studies and how those ‘facts’ should be taken with a pinch of salt…

The Flaws Continued…

Even if you forget the studies that include self-reported penis measurements, even the most scientific studies can be flawed. Almost every study features participants who have agreed to have their penis to be measured or even volunteered.

The possibility of ‘confidence-bias’ or volunteer bias can give a false perception of what is “average” as men who are insecure about their penis size are less likely to consent to be measured. 

Therefore, these studies may not be representative of the general penis population.

Other studies may have a bias in the other direction as they are conducted with men in urology clinics undergoing treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). One of the most common factors contributing to ED is a preoccupation with penis size9.

Then there is the issue of different measuring methods… 

Even scientists can’t decide on the optimum way to measure penis size, choosing between flaccid, stretched, and erect. A recent review10 of the different measuring methods used across multiple studies failed to find any evidence of a definitive “best practice”. 

Can You Predict Erect Size From A Flaccid Penis

A 2014 study11 measured penises in both the flaccid state and erect state. What they discovered was that while the size of men’s flaccid penises varied greatly, the average erect size was similar across most adult males. 

So, according to the experts12, there is no correlation between the flaccid state and erect penis length.

But, wait, what about show-ers and growers?

Show-ers and Growers

The popular slang terms show-er, and grower, describe how much change a penis goes through between the flaccid state and erect state.

If you don’t already know, a ‘grower’ is a penis that is smaller when flaccid and gains significant length when erect. 

A ‘show-er’ is a penis that, when flaccid, is already close in size to its erect length.

A 2018 study13 published in IJIR (International Journal of Impotence Research) measured the difference between flaccid and erect states of 274 penises and found the average change in length to be about 1.6 inches

From their participants, 26% of the men were considered growers while the remaining 74% were show-ers.

If it’s not immediately clear to you which camp your penis fits into, measure your penis flaccid and again when erect. If it gains more than 1.6”, you’re a grower. Gain less than 1.6”, and you’re a show-er.

Stretched Penis Predicts Erect Size

Instead of looking at a limp dick and trying to decipher how big it can go, researchers have found a much better predictor of erect length — stretching. 

This is when the flaccid penis is pulled, just enough to stretch out the muscle and the skin. 

And no further! 

It only takes the penis material as far as it can comfortably go. Pulling it further could cause pain and possible damage.

What Is Normal Or Average Penis Size? 

Well, here’s the thing…it all depends on what study you read! 

In July 2020, Psychologist Bruce M. King, published a table14 comparing results from all known studies that measured stretched or erect penises. All 44 studies reviewed had a different answer to the average penis size. 

Taking all of these into account, King suggested the average length of an erect penis to be between 5.1- 5.5” / 12.95–13.97cm. And if you take into consideration the volunteer bias, then it’s more likely to be on the lower end of that estimation. 

So, if you’re around the 5.1” mark, then you’re perfectly ‘normal’.

Where Do You Stand?

As we all know, penises come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at the scale of micro to monster-cock.

But before you jump to conclusions, make sure you measure your penis size correctly first!

credit card wrapped in measuring tape

Micropenis: Less than 3”

Micropenis is actually a medical term15 and is when the penis is much smaller than the average. For example, the average adult (stretched) penis is roughly 5.21” (13.24cm), a micropenis stretched length can be 3.67” (9.32cm) or less. 

Although, for some researchers, 3” erect16 is the threshold for a micropenis. If you need to visualize it, 3” is about the same size as a credit card.

Having a micropenis is not the end of the world or your sex life. In fact, a study17 asked sexually active women what importance they placed on penis length. 55% said the length was unimportant, and 22% said it was totally unimportant. 

Plus, pleasuring someone in bed is more than penetration…fingers, tongues, and toys!

small coffee spoon

Small Penis: 3″-4″ 

Terms like “small” and “large” are relative of course, and as I said in the beginning, it’s all about compatibility. And positions! 

If you’re on the small side, doggy style can help you fill up your partner. Or missionary with your partner’s legs raised up around their head.

Around 5–10% of men have a 4-inch penis, that’s about the length of a small coffee spoon.

iPhone 5s is 4.87 inches in height

Below-Average 4″-5″

If you happen to measure smaller than the average penis, no big deal. It can work perfectly well for most women and men. Since many women need more than penetration18 to orgasm during sex, a small penis isn’t going to impact your sex life that much.

a dollar bill is 6.14 inches

Average 5″-6″

Just like the fairytale of Goldilocks, you’re neither too small nor too big. You’re just right! You may still be thinking you’d like to be longer, but seriously, being of average length means you have more options when it comes to positions.

When you have sex with an average-sized woman, she’ll love it— she’ll feel it fully and you won’t need to worry about causing her pain. And if you’re having anal sex, you’ll be nice and snug without causing too much discomfort for your partner.

Above-Average 6″-7″

What does being above average actually mean? Well, depending on your partner and position, it may mean being a little more careful when it comes to pound town. While you’re not monstrous even at the upper scale, you should still be considerate of the orifice you’re entering! 

If you’re into casual sex, then good news! A study19 using 3D models of penises found that women preferred a penis of slightly larger length for one night stands ( 6.4”/16.3cm).

standard beer bottle is 7.7 inches tall

Large 7″-8″

If you’re interested in a career in porn, you’ll fit right in! But you might have some trouble fitting in other places…

Partners can be intimidated by huge penises as they mean more pain than pleasure! As always, make sure your partner is ready, relaxed, and maybe use some lube to help ease yourself in. And take it slow! At least at first. 

Healthline20 has some great ideas for sex positions suitable for big dicks and vagina owning partners.

Macropenis 8” Plus

If your wand is more than 8” then you need to be a pro-wizard to wield such a weapon. And you may find that not every woman can accommodate you. 

The average vagina is just 3-4” long. Not great news when you have an extra 4 or 5 inches of penis still to go. BUT the vagina is highly elastic and can actually expand by 200%21 when sexually aroused. FOREPLAY! 

Plus, just like penises, vaginas come in all shapes and sizes, and there are deeper than average va-jay-jays out there. Then, there are the size-queens who just LOVE a challenge. 

To compare iPad Pro is 9.7 inches big

What Is The Perfect Size?

There is no such thing as “perfect” when it comes to anything, let alone penis size. In the same way, that beauty is in the beholder’s eye, so is the perfect penis. 

Different people want different things from their ideal penis. Some want a circumcised cock, some like more skin to play with. Others like long n slim while others will love short n fat. 

Then you have the small to average-sized penises that will just feel good no matter what way you sit on them, bounce on them, grind on them, or suck on them. 

Of course, perfect for the size queens will be different from your average Jane/Joe Blogs.

All penises deserve love!

How Common Is A Large Penis

Large penises are pretty rare, despite what porn would have you believe. 

In fact, according to the Kinsey Institute22, 90% of men have a penis within an inch of the average size.

That original Kinsey survey found that only: 

  • 2.27% of men have a penis between 7.25-8”
  • 7 in 1000 guys (0.7%) have a 9” penis
  • 0.1% of guys have a penis larger than 9”. 

Is My Penis Too Small?

Most likely not.

Chances are you’re average or close enough to it that it won’t make any difference to any sexual partner.

Studies have shown that penis size matters more to the penis owner than to partners. One study on male body image found that penis size was a concern for 68.3% of 200 men. 

Another study that surveyed about 25,000 heterosexual men23 AND their female partners, found that 85% of the women were satisfied with their man’s penis size. But only 55% of the men felt the same way.

A research article published in the International Journal of Impotence Research24 measured and interviewed men seeking penile lengthening surgery. 

That particular study showed: 

  • Almost all of the men overestimated ‘normal’ penile length;
  • 15% had no idea of what a ‘normal’ penile length was;
  • All participants’ penis measurements were within the normal range;
  • And 71.7% were reassured about their normal size after explanation. 

Can You Change Your Penis Size? 

The medical professionals’ verdict25 is that you can’t do much to significantly larger the penis, at least not without massive complications. Yet, a quick search online will return a plethora of penis enlargement methods all claiming to give you extra inches. 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the options available:

Pills And Lotions

These are usually just a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and/or hormones. The majority of these are purely commercial products with no medical testing or no scientific proof that they actually work or are even safe. 

Vacuum/Penis Pump

These tube-like devices fit over the penis and suck out the air creating a vacuum that draws blood into the penis making it swell. It’s a short-term gain and overuse can actually damage penis tissue leading to weaker erections.

Penis Extenders

A traction device placed on the flaccid penis to stretch it. While you can buy these over the internet, this option should only be done with a medical professional’s supervision as you could cause permanent damage.

Jelqing Exercises

Jelqing is an ancient technique of penis stretching exercises performed by repeatedly pulling the flaccid penis using the thumb and index finger. The stretching creates “micro-tears” that look engorged when they heal. OUCH.

Penis Girth Surgery

Different surgical techniques add to your penis girth, including injecting fat taken from another part of your body into your penis. Results vary and complications such as disfigurement, scarring, lumpiness, and infection are common. 

Another girth adding method is not for the faint of heart. It involves pulling back the skin of the penis back over a biodegradable tube-like frame. Oh my!

Penis Length Surgery

The most common technique of lengthening surgery involves cutting the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone and then adding a skin graft to the base of the penis. BUT this only adds length to the flaccid penis (up to 2cm) and not to the erect penis. 

Also, the erection won’t “stand up” quite as high as before since you’ve cut the supporting ligament, which can make sex pretty uncomfortable and some positions impossible.

Other Options?

There are less drastic measures which you can do to give your cock the appearance of extra length. Shedding some belly fat or trimming back the pubic hair will help give you a larger-looking penis without any of the nasty side effects of surgery.

What About Penis Reduction?

This is much rarer! 

In fact, there has only ever been one penis reduction surgery26 ever performed. A 17-year-old could not have intercourse, play sports, or wear certain clothing due to his overly large penis. 

The member measured 7”, which doesn’t seem THAT big, but it was the 10” circumference that was the problem! The “disfigurement” of his penis was a rare case due to sickle cell anemia.

Pornstar Penis Sizes 

Porn is one of the main culprits for giving guys a complex about their average-sized penis. What you have is totally normal…what they have is usually not! 

Just in the same way NBA players are not representative of the average male height, neither should you be comparing yourself to Mr. Porn Dick. 

Plus, most professional porn is filmed in such a way, which makes the actor’s penis appear as large as possible. On the other hand, you are usually looking down at your penis, and more often than not, in its flaccid state.

It’s all about perception and perspective, which this NSFW Imgur thread explains well.

Does Size Really Matter?

As previously stated, men tend to care more about what they have in their pants than their partner does. But if the size doesn’t matter, what does?

What Women Want

We know that women are happier with their partner’s size but is that simply because they are in a loving relationship? What about all the single ladies? What do they want?

Well, it turns out they want different things for different relationship scenarios. We are complex creatures, after all! 😉 

Remember that study with the 3D-model cocks? Here’s what it found…

For one-night stands, women prefer a cock slightly longer and wider than average with a length of 6.4”/16.3 and a circumference of 5”/12.7 cm.

For a long-term lover the ideal circumference was 4.8”/12.2 cm and a length of 6.3” inches/16.0 cm…Only slightly larger than average.

Draw your attention to the circumference… 

In another study27, women were asked what was more important, length, or girth. Approximately 21% opted for length and33% went for girth. 

It’s also backed up by simple biology28

The female play area (vagina, clitoris, and vulva) is packed with THOUSANDS of nerve endings but they are more concentrated around the vagina entrance than the vagina canal. 

So, a wider penis is better at stimulating more nerve endings as it thrusts in and out than a long penis that thrusts further into the vagina canal. 

But of course, personal preference will always come into play. Some women love to be taken to pound-town, some prefer the stretch sensation. 

You can also check out what the porn ladies prefer

Spoiler: Many say the length isn’t important but girth is, and size doesn’t matter as long as you know what you’re doing with it! 

What Do Guys Want?

A recent poll29 conducted by GMFA, a UK-based gay men’s health project, surveyed 566 gay and bisexual men about their penis. 

Here’s what the results showed:

  • 22% had rejected a partner on the grounds of penis size;
  • 16% had received negative comments about their penis size;
  • 49% said size doesn’t matter;
  • While 37% said size does matter.

The poll also found that men who claimed to have a penis of 8” plus were more likely to top; while those with 6” or less preferred to bottom. Yet, when asked, 71% maintained penis size didn’t influence their role. 

At the end of the day, it is your personal preference. If you have a smaller than average penis, you can satisfy your partner during anal sex. The male G-spot30 (or P-spot) is located approximately 2” inside the rectum, so all you need is 2.5” to tickle their fancy!

Still, Concerned About Your Penis Size?

There is one thing wishing you had an extra few inches to play with, and then there is “Small Penis Anxiety”, often called Small Penis Syndrome (SPS) or penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD). It is a form of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), in the same way, anorexia is. 

In the same way, a person with anorexia is NOT overweight but believes themselves to be, men suffering from SPS do NOT have a small penis but are overly anxious about their size.

This anxiety can adversely affect their everyday life and relationships in substantial ways, cause much distress, and even depression. 

If you find yourself obsessing over your penis size, then your first step is not going under the knife but simply talking to the right people. Speak to your GP about some counseling and therapy. 

Penis FAQs

We looked at some of the most common penis size related searches to bring you all the answers you need in one place. 

Is 9 Inches A Good Size?

Again, what’s good for someone will be bad for another. 9” is A LOT and will be knocking on the cervix of most vagina owners.

It will also take a lot of courage and anal training for someone to take an ass pounding from a 9” cock.

BUT, if you are one of the few, then it’s just a matter of finding your size-queen!

Is 7 Inches A Good Size?

Being a couple of inches more than is average may sound like a good thing, but again be careful when you’re in full thrust.

For the majority of partners, male or female, you’ll be more than enough!

Is My Penis Too Big?

Unlikely. Unless you are part of the 0.1% with a 9” penis.

What Is Considered A Thick Penis?

Let me refer you back to that BJUI study31. They took the measurements of more than 15,500 men from 20 different studies and found that the average circumference is about 3.6” flaccid and 4.5” erect. If you’re above that, then your penis can be considered pretty thick.

Is It Normal To Have A Curved Penis?

A slight curve left or right when erect is absolutely normal. But as previously mentioned, if the bend is significant and either causes you pain or difficulty when having sex, then it could be Peyronie’s disease.

Is Foot Size A Real Indicator Of Penis Length?

There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that penis size is related to foot size.

That’s the long and short of it!


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