AutoBlow vs Fleshlight: Which One Is A Better Choice?

This is a battle of the beasts – VR innovators vs Goliath of masturbators. Autoblow Vs Fleshlight, which one gets the work done better? Find out this and more below!

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Well, howdy-dofolks? Today we gonna have a close-combat match between one of the best blowers and the best strokers currently in the market.

Autoblow Vs Fleshlight… who gets the medal of honor?

Now, in as much as these two sex toys were originally designed to serve two very distinct purposes, the end-results are where we’re fixing our gaze, or rather dicks.

So that said, has either of them really held their end of the bargain? 

That, my friend, you are about to find out shortly…

Getting Down To Business: Autoblow 2+ XT Vs Fleshlight STU

Getting Down To Business Autoblow 2+ XT Vs Fleshlight STU

For a brief history… 

Of the two fighters, Autoblow is the younger contestant but has had quite a share of the glitz and glamour when it comes to the world of male masturbator toys.

Perhaps one of the company’s most highlighted moments was when its founder, Brian Sloan, ran a successful crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. 

On the other hand, Fleshlight’s presence dates way back to 1995.

The company has maintained a steady flow of very superior masturbating aids & Fleshlight accessories that have become one of the favorite options amongst men.

The SuperSkin sleeve used in their toys is very sensual and lasts very long allowing for multiple uses. 

In addition to that, they have great offers when you visit their online shop and you could land yourself an awesome discount on their sleeve bundles. 

The Autoblow models have, over the years, made a name for themselves for particularly blowing men’s rods.

The Autoblow 2 model was great of it’s kind and the Autoblow 2+ XT is an improvement of the former.

Unlike the Fleshlight, this model uses electric power to perform its function and does it rather well.

Autoblow introduced a new automatic function that enabled the toy to give us a hands-free experience.

This technology uses 5 sets of beaded springs aligned along the shaft-vent to deliver an up-and-down stroking motion. These beads are kinda what provides some form of texture for the Autoblow’s sleeve.

Still raking on the Autoblow… There is an industrial-grade motor fitted in that powers the stroking motion.

Other perks coming with this feature is that you can control the speed level you want for the strokes. 

That’s quite a record to beat if you compare it with the Fleshlight STU. So, does the Fleshlight really stand a chance? Let’s find that out in the Features section…

But first, let’s see how these two heavyweights compare side-to-side in a table below:

Fleshlight STU
Autoblow 2+ XT
Insertable Length
Orifice Type
Sleeve Texture
Cleaning & Maintenance
Fleshlight STU
Has a standard size build
long enough to
accommodate most guys
10” H x 3.8” W x 3.8” L
1.4 lbs
8.5 inches
Vaginal, Anal, and Oral
Gold casing, Varying sleeve
colors (transparent also available)
Multiple sleeves with multiple
textures e.g. Destroya,
Mini-Lotus, Original, etc
Manual Stroker
Fairly discrete
Solo, Couple play
SuperSkin material
Easy, Takes longer to dry on its own
Lasts way longer as the
material is very elastic and
does not deform nor degrade
easily from multiple uses
$60 – 100 (Fleshlight)
Autoblow 2+ XT
It is a bit bulkier than the Fleshlight
STU, Has a wider girth
9.01” H x 4.21” W
2.84 lbs
7 inches
Vaginal, Anal, Oral
One option of a Blue & White blend
Also comes in 3 available
interchangeable sleeves for different
size experience
Automatic Blower
Very loud
Solo, Couple play
Real-feel Sleeve
Also easy, Takes longer than the
Fleshlight because of size
Built to last up to 500+ hours of use,
Extra care needed to maintain the motor function
$195.62 (Lovehoney), 
$129.95 (Autoblow)

For a super-fast recap:

A Quick Autoblow 2+ XT Review

A Quick Autoblow 2+ XT Review

The Autoblow 2+ XT is a great advancement from Autoblow’s initial Autoblow 2 release.

Among some of the improvements, they added a total of 2 extra beaded springs to make it now 5 along the sleeve’s shaft.

This new upgrade is intended to make the Autoblow 2+ more constricting and provide a better hold on the penis when inserted.

And in case you are wondering… Yes. The sleeve is removable and you can get it in 3 different sizes.

Each one of these sizes is meant to fit a particular range of penis length and girth. And the sizes are as follows:

  • Size A: 3 – 4 inches Girth, same length.
  • Size B: 4 – 5.5 inches Girth, same length.
  • Size C: 5 – 6.5 inches Girth, same length.

Now, the sensation from their Real-Feel sleeve will come off as a bit ‘new’ if you’re used to heavily-textured sleeves.


  • It has an automatic function for a hands-free experience.
  • Has interchangeable sleeves for different penis sizes.
  • Direct-power supply gives a longer usage time provided you plug it in. 
  • Removable sleeve makes cleaning easy.


  • You still have to manually angle the toy to feel stimulation from the sleeve.
  • It is an expensive toy.
  • It’s bulky and kinda cumbersome to handle.
  • It’s very loud.

A Quick Fleshlight STU Review

A Quick Fleshlight STU Review

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is a very popular must-have for most studs already. The Fleshlight STU’s design has, above all, kept the touch of quality in both the materials used and the experience offered. 

Speaking of which… Unlike the Autoblow’s bead-technology, Fleshlight SuperSkin sleeve comes ready-textured.

It’s studded all-round, very soft to the touch, and has a stretching ability that mimics the real thing. 

As it’s a hand-held wanking toy, the design’s ergonomics are very keen on ensuring the best handling possible.

This is achieved through the streamlined body and sturdy casing giving you a comfortable grip during playtime.

Coming to think of it, it’s quieter than the Autoblow because there’s motor noise with it. And we all agree on the significance of being able to pull a stealthy one.

Especially when you’re constantly on the move.


  • Discreet look and use.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • The toy is more durable and long-lasting.
  • The sleeve texture is soft, smooth, and gives a sensational experience.
  • Cheaper.


  • Lacks an automatic function.

Comparing Autoblow 2+ XT and Fleshlight STU Features Face To Face

Right! So, what really do these two male masturbators have to offer? Let’s dive right in… 

Autoblow 2+ XT And Fleshlight STU Design, functionality, and feel

Design, functionality, and feel

The Autoblow 2+ has a way bulkier body design and is rather ‘a handful’ – if I could put it like that. This is a major bummer if you are a guy who likes his privacy. 

The Fleshlight’s body design, on the contrary, seems to have been built with hand-use comfortability in the developers’ minds.

The shape is much leaner and resembles that of a flashlight. This plays well with storing and holding.

Moving to the materials and inner workings…

The Fleshlight STU has a sleeve made from the fantastic SuperSkin material. It’s widely commended for its smoothness and mind-blowing sensations.

Unlike the Autoblow, it comes with its own pre-designed texture to enhance the stimulating experience.

The Autoblow 2+, on the other hand, has a rather plain Real-Feel sleeve that gets its texture from the lining spring beads.

I guess the idea was to mimic a real tongue, but… even those have some texture, right?

This little flaw makes the AT 2+ a bit ‘loose’ and doesn’t quite hug the dong as you’d expect. So the STU beats it here on the feel.

“But what about the Autoblow 2+ XT’s auto-stroke function?” you may ask.

Truth be told, the auto-stroke function of the AT 2+ is a huge deal in this comparison. It’s mainly what sets it apart from the Fleshlight.

And it draws its power through a direct plug-in connection. Meaning you can play with it for as long as you have a power supply.

Once you’ve turned the motor on, you only need to put in your peen after lubing and it does the rest for you. 

The only issue is, it’s not entirely ‘hands-free’. Heck, I had to use my hands to position the toy in an angle that could let me feel the strokes.

The speed control is a nice touch to spice up the session… But other than that, you’ll find yourself involuntarily stroking the toy to get any sensation at all.

So where does that place the STU? Well, the Fleshlight lacks the automatic feature but greatly makes up for this in the sensational stimulation it gives.

It lets you be in control of the motion and intensity you want for your experience.

The textured sleeve is a major boost to this and is a great way of building your endurance… The STU serves what you order.

What comes in the package?

If you order the Fleshlight standard package, you’ll get your order with a free sample lube with it. Also included are 1 Stamina Training Unit sleeve, 1 Fleshlight case (gold color), and a user manual.

The Autoblow 2+ XT comes with 1 sleeve, a mechanical body, and a manual. If you get the package deal, you’ll get your order with a few additions of a storing case, sleeve renewal powder, a handle, a set of silicone penis rings, and lube cleaners.


Both Fleshlight and Autoblow offer a free one-year warranty if you buy the products from their official stores.

The warranty also stands ONLY if you get your toy from an AUTHORIZED distributor.

Stores like Lovehoney also give customers a free 1-year guarantee if you set up a buyer’s profile with them.

How easy to clean and durability

Cleaning the Autoblow is fairly an easy task. As its sleeve is removable, you take it out carefully after use and wash it nicely with warm water and a mild soap/toy cleaner of your choice.

You must take great care not to spill any liquid on the circuit board inside. Also worth putting out is that you may use corn starch powder on the sleeve to ensure it dries out to prevent infestation.

The fact that it’s electrically powered only allows re-use and doesn’t make it damage-proof. Proper maintenance is needed to ensure its durability.

The Fleshlight is also very easy to clean. Just follow through with the standard procedure of washing with soap/toy cleaner and water and you’re set!

As is normal, ensure the sleeve is dried completely before storing it away. The sleeve is both strong and stretchy and allows multiple uses without wearing off.

Price considerations

Well, it doesn’t come as a shocker that the Autoblow is steeper than Fleshlight in our pockets. As an unofficial rule of thumb, the more a toy has to offer, the greater the price on the tag.

Currently, the Fleshlight retails between $65 – 100 while the Autoblow goes for $180 – 196. 

I’ll let your wallets do the talking 🙂

DON’T buy these products from Amazon or eBay! You risk receiving counterfeit toys made from unknown materials. Be warned and stay safe! 

Stand-Out Features

Autoblow 2+ Stand-Out Features

Autoblow 2+ has attachment options that seek to help with the comfortability. They are:

  • You can get a separate handle and clip it on the toy’s outer casing to enhance the hands-free experience.
  • You can also get separate penis rings to help prolong your erections.

What Do Other People Say?

I got some independent user reviews about the Fleshlight and Autoblow 2+ from Reddit. 

Read 35ejtdthrowaway’s thoughts on the Autoblow 2+ XT:

“Cleaning + drying is fairly easy; I washed it with tap water + poured rubbing alcohol all over it. Then I let it dry for a few hours and then stuffed it into a ziplock bag with cornstarch powder in it. 

One thing I really liked about the Autoblow 2+ was that it has to be plugged into work – no charging. But it would get hot after some time. Yes, it gets louder as you want it to go faster, but that wasn’t a big deal for me. 

I think what’s missing is a feature to constrict, expand, and constrict + expand so that the beads can actually be felt. Besides that, it was also a bit awkward having a large device on top of me.

In the end, the Autoblow brought on the buyer’s remorse the worst. That being said, I’ll still use it every now and then … but this would be like eating McDonald’s every few months as a reminder of how bad it is compared to other fast-food burger chains.

Regardless of the method of stroking, it generally took a lot longer to reach the point of orgasm (so.. much, much longer than with hands).”


Also, check this VintageFlyer’s review on the STU:

“Regarding what texture to get, the STU is an awesome first choice. Not for its stamina building ability. Any texture above mid-intensity will achieve that over time. But because it’s an all-round pleasurable sleeve.

I feel it’s got a wonderful balance of intensity, tightness, and softness. Provided you don’t have mega thick girth, it’ll give you a stimulating experience without overloading you.”


Final Thoughts

There you’ve had it… These two are made to serve very different purposes. 

But from what I experienced from both, as is evident above, the Fleshlight sure serves up its end of the bargain to get you a happy climax.

The Autoblow 2+ XT still feels like a product in development and lacks a touch of finesse.

You Should Choose Autoblow If:

  • You love automatic strokers.
  • If you don’t like recharging batteries.
  • If you want longer sessions.

You Should Choose Fleshlight If:

  • You want a discreet toy during use.
  • You’re looking for a fairly priced toy.
  • You value quality over hype.
  • You want something long-lasting.

Hope this guide helped to decide and would love to hear your experience below in the comment section.

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