Ass Licking Guide: How To Eat Ass Like A PRO

The act of ass licking is not complicated – the best way to do it is by having your partner in a doggy style and you kneeling or standing behind them. Have fun with your tongue, and try different movements to give your partner the most pleasure.

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Introduction To Ass Licking

Ass licking has many different names:

Rimming, analingus, rim job, and salad tossing are a few of the most popular. 

But no matter how you call it, ass licking is one of the more advanced sexual techniques that can provide a mind-blowing experience. 

There is a lot to learn here today, so let’s jump in! 

What Is Ass Licking?

In short, eating ass is a very intimate sexual experience when you stimulate your partner’s anus with your mouth and tongue. And vise versa. 

The technique can be pretty similar to the one you use during oral sex on a vagina, but many guys say that it’s way easier performing analingus than regular oral sex on a woman. 

Why Is It Great For Pleasure?

Ass licking can be a tricky topic and requires excellent communication with your partner, but it can be very sexually rewarding. 

Our anus has lots of different nerve endings there, which makes it perfect for increasing your sexual pleasure. 

For men, that part of their anatomy is extremely sensitive because the prostate is very close and stimulating it can be a greatly pleasurable experience for them. 

So, if your partner comes to you with a request for ass eating, it might be worth considering indulging him. 

7 Tips On How To Best Eat, Lick & Suck Ass

Now, while eating ass is not a science, you still want to know how to lick ass for the maximum pleasure for your partner.

So, good news for you:

I have seven tips on how to eat ass that will help you be better at it and blow your partner’s mind away. 

Let’s start!

#1: Find The Best Ass Licking Position

Find The Best Ass Licking Position

As with regular sex, positions matter when it comes time to ass licking. 

You both have to be comfortable and relaxed for this to work as no one likes pins and needles in their leg during sex or aching muscles. 

The most basic of all positions for ass licking is to get your partner on all four, just like in the doggy position, but with their ass up in the air. 

They can be on the bed or the floor, and then you can kneel or stand behind them and do the work.

You can also let your partner lie down on the corner of your bed, with their legs spread. Put some pillows under their hips so that they’re more in the air, and you get easier access to their anus. 

Then, you can kneel on the floor by the end of the bed and get to work. 

Easy, right?

#2: Spice It Up With Ass Licking Imitating Toys

Spice It Up With Ass Licking Imitating Toys

Variety is so vital for a healthy and happy sex life, right?

Well, the same goes for ass licking as well. 

If you and your partner tried the ass licking before and enjoyed it, it might be a great idea to take things a bit further and bring in the toys.

There are great butt plugs and ass licking imitating toys, like this one right here (my personal favorite).

You can use the toy together with your mouth or jump between toy stimulation to mouth stimulation only. 

Let your fantasy run wild and see what your partner prefers the most. 

#3: Don’t Forget About Lube

Don't Forget About Lube

You know that ass doesn’t self-lubricate the way that vagina or even your penis does. 

So, if you want to increase the pleasure, don’t be afraid to incorporate more saliva or lube. 

Honestly, lube is always a great idea, no matter which door you’re using during sex!

If you’re new to ass licking and you’re a bit iffy about going there, it might be a good idea to try using flavored lubes to make it taste better the first time. 

It’s fun and harmless, just make sure that it’s consumption friendly lube and you don’t have an allergic reaction to it. 

Also, coconut oil is one of the most popular options for people who are into anal play, and it can be a great alternative to lube. 

Now, if you’re using latex condoms, they can’t be used with coconut oil, and it’s also not recommended to use it on a vagina. 

But it’s totally perfect for anal play and tell me, who doesn’t like some tropical coconut taste during sex?!

If you’re not sure which lube to choose, check out our guide for the best anal and vagina lubes here

#4: Use Multitasking For The Ultimate Pleasure

Use Multitasking For The Ultimate Pleasure

Ass licking might not be enough on its own to take your partner to the finish line, and that’s OK!

But you know what will make them cum 100%?


Don’t be shy to play with your partner’s genitals while you’re ass licking. It will make their experience so much better. 

If you’re performing ass licking on a woman, make your free hand is busy with her clit and vagina. But don’t switch between licking her asshole and her vagina as it can cause infection. 

And if you’re performing rimming on a man, do play with his balls, dick, and massage that sensitive area between the ass and balls. They will be screaming with pleasure!

#5: Get Groovy With Your Tongue Techniques

Get Groovy With Your Tongue Techniques

Your tongue plays an essential part during ass licking. 

So, don’t be shy to go crazy with your tongue and don’t just stay in one place as it will not be very pleasurable for your partner. 

Try going up and down, then in circles, side to side. Try kissing, sucking, and making sure that you’re really making it count. 

You can try using a bit of teeth, but I would be careful about it. 

Not everyone likes being bitten, so you better ask your partner if they’re into that type of play. 

If you’re lost in what to do with your tongue, the most basic tip is to imagine that you’re spelling an alphabet. 

Don’t be shy to mix it up and get creative!

#6: Don’t Be Quiet!

Don't Be Quiet

Your anus is very sensitive to stimulation, we’ve talked about it already. 

So, don’t just use your tongue to stimulate it, try moaning and making sounds (not creepy ones!) as they will create a vibration feeling and will spice things up. 

The benefit of making some noise is not only the vibrations your partner is feeling. 

It’s also a turn-on for most people to hear their partners moan from pleasure during sex. So, use this turn-on for your advantage. 

#7: Blow Their Mind By Teasing Them

Blow Their Mind By Teasing Them

While it’s all fun and games to get straight to the point and get to the finish line, teasing can be incredibly pleasurable. 

And ass licking is a great time to try this technique on your partner. 

You can start stimulating their skin around their anus, but never get too close to the most sensitive spot. 

Go around it, incorporate multitasking by stimulating their genitals as well, teasingly, without giving them what they want immediately. 

You can also try breathing close to their anus as it will tease them and mix things up a bit. 

Simulate their prostate outside, going around the anus, and make your partner beg you to finish them off. 

4 Tips On How To Prepare For Receiving Ass Licking

Now that we’ve covered how to perform ass licking the best, let’s talk about being on the receiving end and what you need to do to prepare. 

While it’s not necessary to make massive preparations, it’s always good bed manners when you’re clean, trimmed, and smells nice for your partner. 

#1: Freshen-Up Before Each Session

Freshen-Up Before Each Session

Basic showering is very important not only for anal play but for regular sex as well. 

No one likes being sweaty after a long day and an evening run and then getting into it with your partner (unless it’s what turns you on, then more power to you!).

And with ass licking, there can be a chance that there are some toilet paper pieces back there, which can be a turn-off for your partner. 

So, a nice quick shower should do the trick, and if you don’t have the time or an opportunity to shower, it’s always great to freshen up with some wet tissues. 

#2: Waxing Is Always A Good Idea

Waxing Is Always A Good Idea

When your partner is down there, they’re there to eat your ass and not to get their teeth flossed with anything. 

Yes, your hair can get stuck in your partner’s teeth, and you probably don’t want that to happen. 

So, waxing is your new best friend before ass licking!

It’s the easiest and most efficient way to get rid of the hair down there and make everything very clean and lick-ready.

Also, waxing will last longer, so you don’t have to repeat the hair removal process every time you’re getting your ass eaten out. 

#3: Food Is Important

Food Is Important

A good healthy diet is crucial for a long and healthy life.

And it’s also crucial for healthy and satisfactory sex life.

So, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re eating healthy and consuming enough fiber if you’re thinking about trying ass licking. 

It will be easier to douche for anal play in general, and you’ll feel so much better when you’re not bloated. 


Eating bloating foods that can cause gas and other uncomfortable side effects, so beans or junk food might not be a great idea if you’re thinking about anal play. 

#4: Douching And Anal Bleaching (Do You Really Need To Do That?)

Douching And Anal Bleaching

I know that many people think it’s not OK that their skin around their anus is darker than their normal skin, but it’s totally normal, and there is nothing wrong with you. 

So, anal bleaching is unnecessary for ass licking, but if you want to do it, I recommend you do your research before you try anything. 

As for douching: 

Douching is an essential part of anal play, but it is not crucial for ass licking in most cases. 

If you’re just thinking about basic, topical ass licking where your partner won’t be inserting anything up there, there is no need to douche before. 

But, if you’ve tried this before and you know that you’ll want to insert things in your ass, it might be worth douching just in case. 

What Other People Say About It: Advice & Experience

Let’s quickly look at what other people on the internet have to say about ass licking experience and what do they recommend:

“I’m gonna be honest, I think less technique is involved with eating ass. It’s a pretty primal act in itself. The asshole doesn’t have a clit or anything so I would say just use variety. Circle around the asshole like a basketball around a hoop (rimming) then once their ass is covered in saliva harden the tongue and penetrate slightly. I don’t really know how much more advanced you can get since there is less to work with compared to the vagina.”


“Lol yeah I don’t think any technique is really there aside from making sure it’s not dry as the Sahara. Get spit all over it and lick in circles and shapes and play with her cooch with a good old reach around lmao. I think the main thing from what I’ve noticed (on the one person I’ve done it too) that it has to be kind of a surprise…you can’t just bend her over and start eating her ass or it’ll get awkward so you kinda have to sneak your way into it…but that’s just coming from my POV as like I said only one person has ever had that done by me and she is far from the freakiest woman in the world.”


I’d stand up, bent over the bed (or another surface of suitable height). You would be on your knees. However, if she’s a bit timid, a doggy-style with her ass high in the air would work great too.


“OP, gay guy here..

The only thing I’d add is to tease him by not going there too quickly. As others have said, the perineum is extremely sensitive. I’d start with his cock, then balls, then perineum and slowly work your tongue everywhere else except his anus. From my experience this will drive him wild. Lick around the hole and even tease him by almost going there. If you accidentally lick it, move away and start the teasing process again. Trust me, you’ll have him moaning and begging you to put your tongue in. Finally, a guy once tried this ‘sucking thing/technique’ once, absolutely awful, had to tell him to stop. Have fun OP. :)”


Frequently Asked Questions About Ass Licking Answered

There are always lots of questions about ass licking that people are looking for. 

Let’s look at some of the most popular concerns people have:

Is Eating Ass Safe?

While generally, ass licking is safe and there is a very small chance of injuries, it does come with some risks. 

Like any sexual activity, it can be a source to get an STI, and anal activity is the easiest way to get them.

Not only can you get an STI from your partner, but you can also get a stomach bug during ass licking if your partner has it.

So, if you suddenly get stomach bug symptoms, it might be from ass licking you did last night. 


If you’re performing analingus on a woman, there is a chance to contract an infection if you’re moving from ass to her vagina. So, don’t do it!

Of course, just because there is a chance of getting an infection, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid this activity. 

Using protection is always recommended if you’re not having sex with one partner only and with anal play, you have two options:

  • You can use dental dams, square plastic sheets designed for creating a barrier between your tongue and your partner’s body.
  • Or you can get a non-lubricated condom, cut it to make it square, and use it instead (don’t use lubricated ones, they’ll taste nasty!).

So be mindful of STIs and other risks, but don’t let them stop you from exploring!

What Does Eating Ass Feel Like?

A lot of people say that eating ass feels fantastic. 

It doesn’t have a distinct feeling, but it does feel pleasurable, and it is considered to be a very intimate experience. 

You won’t know if you like the sensation it gives unless you try it yourself, so don’t be shy and experiment!

Do Women Like Their Ass Licked?

There is no definitive answer to this question. 

There are plenty of women who love ass licking, and then there is the same amount of women who don’t even want to think about this type of sexual play. 

So, the best way to find out if your girlfriend or wife likes their ass licked is by simply asking them. 

Communication is essential for anal play, so always be sure to communicate with your partner about what they like and what you want openly. 


And here you have it – everything there is to know about ass licking and how to do it right. 

Anal play can be a lot of fun, it can serve as a great introduction to a more advanced anal play and can help build intimacy with your partner. 

So, don’t be shy and have some fun!

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