Aneros Vice 2 Review [2021]: After 3 Months Testing & Tips How To Use

In this Aneros Vice 2 review you’ll learn how good is this massager, how to use it & whether it’s still a good choice in 2021 (+what are best alternatives):

For a lot of men, the Super-O may seem like nothing more than a myth.

But after testing the Aneros Vice 2 for countless hours (solely for research purposes, *wink wink*), is this the toy that can get you there? 

In this review, I’m going to walk you through my own experiences with this prostate massager.

Then, I’ll touch on what I thought of features like its dual-motor design, its eighteen vibrational patterns, overall speed, and a lot more  – so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with the Aneros Vice 2 before you ever pull out your credit card. 

The Good

The soft design and the eighteen vibrations from the dual motor can bring new sensations you won’t find with many prostate massagers. This massager’s magnetic charger offers quick charge capabilities, and the wireless remote control provides ease of use.

The Not So Good

The thicker, heavier Vice 2 body plus intense vibrations can be a steep learning curve for beginners. In addition, the porous silicone may be prone to bacteria build-up.

The Bottom Line

While it may be a little pricier and not as beginner-friendly, the Vice 2 is perfect for experienced prostate massage users and folks who are looking for deeper, heavier sensations than a lot of other competitors offer. But if you’re looking for a smaller and safer quality prostate massager option, I recommend getting the Nexus Revo Stealth.

Aneros Vice 2 is for you if:

  • You’re an experienced anal play user looking for an untraditional prostate massager
  • You want a more intense prostate massage experience
  • You want a p-massager that brings a variety of vibration patterns and speeds
  • You want a hands-free, wireless remote-controlled toy

Aneros Vice 2 might not be for you if:

  • You’re new to prostate massage or anal play
  • You prefer light, compact prostate toys

Aneros Vice 2 First Impressions/Packaging

When the Aneros Vice 2 came in the mail, I was already impressed with the packaging.

The toy comes in a sturdy black and red box and a magnetic clasp to keep it sealed shut.

From the moment I picked up the box, I could definitely tell why the Vice 2 is the heaviest prostate massager that Aneros has  – you can feel the weight of this toy. 

Inside the package, Aneros gives you just about everything you need: an instruction manual, a remote control, and the actual prostate massager itself.

My first impression of this toy was a good one, and like most of Aneros’ toy lineup, the Vice 2’s packaging is stylish and classy but not too flashy. 

Aneros Vice vs. Vice 2 Tech Specs Comparison

Before Vice 2, there was the OG Vice. It required inserting a vibrating bullet into the silicone plug. Here’s a quick look at the tech specs of each model before going in-depth on the changes.

Aneros Vice
Aneros Vice 2
Tip Width
Insertable Length
P-tab Distance
Vibration Functions
Remote Control
Aneros Vice
1.3 inches
4 inches
1.6 inches
Not specified
Battery-powered vibrating bullet
Silicone, ABS plastic
3 patterns
Aneros Vice 2
1.3 inches
4.4 inches
1.68 inches
0.24 lbs.
Magnetic charging
Silicone, ABS plastic
18 patterns, 4 speeds
Rechargeable wireless remote control

Aneros Vice vs. Aneros Vice 2  – What Changed? 

While some of the specifications may not look too different, there are many differences between the original Vice and the Vice 2.

As I mentioned, the OG Vice comes in two parts: there’s a silicone plug and a vibrating bullet  – and the Vice 2 comes as just a prostate massager with a remote control

The Vice 2 not only weighs a little more, but it goes a little deeper too.

If you’re looking to experiment, the Vice 2 has 6x as many vibrational patterns as its predecessor.

The dual-motor is also a new feature along with that separate remote control, which makes it incredibly easy to have a hands-free massage. 

As far as charging goes, the original Vice is battery-powered, so you’ve got to replace the battery on the bullet every once in a while.

The Aneros Vice 2 is a major step-up in that category with magnetic charging, so you don’t have to worry about swapping batteries.

How Does the Aneros Vice 2 Feel? 

One of the first things I noticed about the Vice 2 was just how soft it was  – there’s a medical-grade silicone coating that feels soft and velvety in your hand. 

However, I also noticed just how HEAVY this massager was too.

This is due to the dual-motor that sits inside the toy, and while the heavier weight may be a little intimidating for newbies, I think it actually works to the massager’s advantage when inserted.

How to Use Aneros Vice 2

The Vice 2 has a bit of a learning curve in actual usage, but it’s worth it.

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure the Vice 2 and the remote control are charged before you use it  – or, at least, you’ll want to take this step if you’re planning to play around with the eighteen vibrational patterns and four speeds (and I suggest that you do).

Once it’s charged up, you’ll be ready to use the Vice 2 and take advantage of all those new speeds and patterns  – and that starts with using the remote control.

To use the remote control, you need to turn the device on first manually. Just hit the power button at the bottom of the device, and you’re all good.

There are four speeds that change how quickly the vibrations happen, but the patterns change how the vibration feels  – some patterns may provide constant vibration while others feel less steady. 

Operating the remote control is fairly simple, too: there are three main buttons and a digital LED number screen that makes it easy to tell which speed and pattern you’re currently using.

You can use the two arrow buttons on the side to switch patterns, but there’s also a “joy” button that automatically changes the vibration intensity whenever you need it. 

If you’re unhappy with the preset patterns on the prostate massager, you can use the joy button to set your own pace by pressing the button whenever you want more intense vibrations. 

Turning off the remote control is as simple as pressing a button, and since it has a long charge life, you shouldn’t need to charge it in between sessions. 

My Experience With Aneros Vice 2

My first time using the Aneros Vice 2 taught me a lot about where the toy excels  – and where it could fall short.

One of the first things I noticed was the intentional shape of the Vice 2. The “head” of the toy, which includes anything down to the first groove, is really just meant for prostate stimulation  – and that’s where I started. 

After lubing up the toy and gently inserting it, I slipped it inside until I hit that first groove.

At two or three inches in, I could tell the Vice 2 was hitting my prostate, and I didn’t feel the need to fit the whole toy  – although I can see why some people might want to. Once I got in the right position, that’s when I began experimenting with the vibrations. 

I started pretty slow when it came to speed and intensity and slowly worked my way up. However, I found that while some modes felt great, others did very little for me.

For instance, the rolling, relaxing waves that come with mode five brought all kinds of pleasure, but mode seventeen’s random vibrations weren’t very fun at all. 

One major downside of the Vice 2 that I noticed was that this toy doesn’t feel very hands-free at all (despite being called a “hands-free” massager).

Like many prostate massagers, the base of the Vice 2 is flared, but even that’s not enough to keep this massager inside. 

It felt like I spent a lot of time adjusting the Vice 2’s position throughout the night. I’d get it in the perfect spot, but within a few minutes, the toy would feel like it was slipping out again.

However, holding onto the base of the toy and using its bottom to thrust brought many new sensations, and I recommend anyone trying it out to play around with that technique.

As far as reaching that Super-O goes, the Aneros Vice 2 was extremely pleasurable, but it didn’t get me there on its own. 

As it turns out, Aneros actually agrees  – in their own buyer’s guide, the company recommends a couple of their different prostate massagers if you’re really looking to achieve that hands-free Super-O. 

With that said, using the Vice 2 is far from a waste of time. While it may not have gotten me to that Super-O, it’s a great introduction to how pleasurable both prostate and anal stimulation can feel.

If you’re unsure what kind of vibration you like or want to experiment with the sensations you get from a prostate massage, the Vice 2 absolutely excels in those areas.

Charging Vice 2

Before you can even test it out, the Vice 2 has to be charged for two hours before its first use.

This is a little more time-consuming than popping a battery in, but the Vice 2’s magnetic charging is still fairly straightforward. 

FOR CHARGING THE REMOTE, the package includes a micro USB cable, and all you need to do is plug the USB jack into the bottom of the remote.

For a full charge, it takes around 90 minutes  – but you’ll get around fifty hours of use (!) before you have to plug it back in for another full charge.

Keep in mind that when you plug the remote or the device in, the blinking light on the bottom means that it’s currently charging. Once that blinking light becomes solid, that means your remote is fully charged.

How to Clean It

Cleaning the Vice 2 is crucial for safe use  – and it’s recommended that you clean the toy before and after you use it.

There are a couple of ways to clean it: either with lukewarm water and soap or a silicone-compatible toy cleaner.

The user manual also recommends using water-based lubricants over silicone-based lubricants when you’re playing with the toy. 

Not only will water-based lube usually be more comfortable for you, but over time, silicone-based lubricants may actually damage or degrade the device  – so it’s best to steer clear. 

Once you’ve washed it with soap or a toy cleaner, you’ll want to make sure you thoroughly rinse the toy off (it’s porous, remember?) and pat it dry with a towel or cloth that’s lint-free.

When cleaning, you must AVOID using cleaners containing alcohol, petroleum, or acetone, as these cleaners can all damage your body. 

Another key point to keep in mind is that you never want to boil the Vice 2 while you’re cleaning it. Although boiling water is often considered beneficial for getting rid of bacteria, it won’t do any good for the Vice 2’s dual motor.

Vice 2 Price and Where to Buy

You can purchase the Aneros Vice 2 from a couple different places.

Lovehoney sells the Vice 2 at $149.99. Good news: You can use the discount code HONEYX10 to get 10% off on Lovehoney.

And if you’d like, you can get the Vice 2 directly from Aneros, where it retails for $149.95. You can use the discount code SexualAlpha10 for 10% off upon checkout below. 😉

What Do Other People Think About It?

Although I’ve got my own opinions in this Aneros Vice review, everyone’s experiences are a little different  – and here’s what other people online have had to say about the toy: 

“I have the Vice 2, and it is the best vibrating prostate toy I’ve used. Build quality is amazing, and the remote is the best out there. I was surprised that it stays in place so well. I have a Lelo Hugo, and it is almost impossible to keep inside. With the Vice 2, I can even walk around a bit.

The vibrations go from subtle to intense. The patterns are many and varied. I usually keep the vibe intensity on low most of the time and really like pattern numbers 7 and 16. Being able to see the pattern visually is a great feature, as is the ability to reset to the 00 pattern ( low intensity, vibration off) with a double-tap on the remote. There are separate buttons for going forward and backwards through the patterns as well.

I still have the best results with the non-vibrating Aneros devices (the Eupho Trident is my favorite), but I love having the Vice 2 for a little variety. Definitely a worthwhile addition to my collection.”

superOseeker-69, Reddit

“…Second, I’m using it for pleasure/long-term stimulation. And long-term is an understatement. I used it for over an hour last night, and it was consistently enjoyable without being at all irritating or uncomfortable, which was great!”

INeedA2ndAccount, Reddit


If the new Aneros Vice 2 just doesn’t seem right, there are a couple of alternatives that you may enjoy more, including: 

  • Nexus Revo Stealth: We think this P massager is an upgrade from the Vice 2 because it comes with a rotating head. This feature provides an extra layer of stimulation and makes it much easier to have that hands-free massage.
  • Lelo Hugo: If the Aneros vibrator doesn’t feel quite as powerful as you need it to be, you might want to check out the intensity and speed settings on the Lelo Hugo.

Final Thoughts

Although there’s a good chance that the Aneros vibe won’t help you achieve that Super-O, it’s still a great pick if you’re looking for long-term prostate stimulation or you want a toy that comes with a wider variety of settings.

If you’re looking to purchase the Vice 2 and my Aneros Vice review has sparked your interest, you can do that here:

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