Aneros Super O: 5 Tips To Get A Reliable Prostate Orgasm

To get the mindblowing Aneros Super-O, you must first find success locating your prostate. It is just as important that you get the right Aneros toy before you begin your adventure. Also, preparing well and getting the right position is significant in achieving this orgasm.

What Is Super O?

That’s the question that mostly pops up whenever an oblivious guy comes across this term.

Some have heard about it but still poke holes in the truth of its existence. On the other hand, some have come across it once or twice in their lives.

But are yet to understand what it means.

And I believe that’s where you fall today…

The term ‘Super-O’ was introduced to represent the more powerful, continuous, and shuddering orgasms.

Experience from users places it as a much stronger release than one from penile stimulation. 

In full, it’s called the Super Orgasm.

At the current time, it is highly associated with persons with prostate glands. It is the part that gets massaged and releases stronger and shuddering orgasms.

And the jest of this all is that the orgasm is achieved without penile stimulation.

Now, the Aneros Super-O is a term that was coined by Aneros users. That is because Aneros is one of the best prostate massagers (we have a guide about it here) currently used to attain this Super-O.

How To Get an Aneros Super o?

#1 Find The Prostate

As I’ve mentioned above, to get a super-o, you need to first locate the prostate gland.

For the sake of being thorough… 

The prostate gland is found inside your lower pelvis region. It’s a small gland that is the size of a walnut and is very sensitive to touch.

It is found just below the urinary bladder. If you are going for internal stimulation, you’ll find it a few inches in, behind the front rectal walls.

To confirm whether you’ve found it, you’ll get a tingly feeling or an urge to pee once you touch it.

On the other hand, you can also approximate its location externally. To do this, you’ll need to reach below your perineum to the spot near your anus.

If you put some pressure on that area you’ll get to feel your urethra get that peeing sensation.

#2 Familiarize Yourself With The Feeling

First and foremost, let me give you a heads up… It’s not the same with every individual. We all have different anatomies that will react differently when stimulated in this manner.

As a result of this, the physical response to the prostate stimulation varies a lot. 

I have researched and interacted with a vast number of prostate players. And when it comes to describing the Super-O, it narrows down to these few sensations:

  • Precum flowing freely, beforehand, during, and after.
  • You may experience both internal and external anal muscle contractions.
  • A steady build-up of waves emanating inside your anus. This may get accompanied by strong sensations on the rectum, prostate, anus, and perineum simultaneously. 
  • You may find your abdominal muscles contracting involuntarily. This is mainly accompanied by tickling sensations in the abdomen too.
  • The penis enlarges and gives a stiffer erection while the prostate gland also engorges. The penis’s head also swells and makes the glans change hue into a much redder look.

Also, not to conform you to a specific anticipatory mindset, you may experience two or more…

With some, the Super-O comes knocking with all the above sensations at once. And that leaves one super exhausted!

Important to note, the Super-O is more long-lasting than the traditional one. Also, when you’ve mastered your Aneros toy, you may end up getting multiple orgasms.

Now, some males will hack the Aneros Super-O faster than others. Some will have to resort to constant practice. And this may take weeks, months, or even years for some dudes.

But that should not dissuade you from pursuing this orgasm. It is what we refer to as the Super-O Journey and many have gladly taken it.

The journey will help you get in tune with your body. You’ll get to know what dampens your erotic fire and what knocks your socks right off.

Tip: There is no specific formula or a cheat book that could help you get the Super-O. What counts is patience, constant practice, and creativity with your Aneros massager.

Also, take care that you don’t push yourself too much. Prostate orgasms really depend on you having a relaxed mind and playing along with the groove.

Forcing the Super-O to happen only makes it more elusive and prevents you from “crossing over”.

#3 Find the Right Aneros Toy For You

The Aneros prostate massagers are mostly precision toys. This means that you’ll have to possess great skills to use it successfully. And honestly, it is not the best prostate toy for a beginner.

For intermediate and advanced p-players though, it is a great fit as it gives full manual control.

So, this far, what Aneros prostate massager(s) is reported to work for most guys?

Right off the bat, there are the Aneros Helix Syn and Aneros Progasm models. These are some of the top favourites for prostate players. 

The Helix Syn (more details in our Aneros Helix Syn review) comes with a special base stem with a perineum tab and a handle. The perineum tab increases stimulation by massaging your taint during usage.

The other handle is bent downwards and is firm to help you when making the toy’s adjustment.

The Progasm model comes with a base handle that has both tabs raised upwards. In great ways, it resembles the Aneros Helix Syn Trident’s shape from an outer inspection.

The Progasm’s body is made of hard plastic that exerts a firmer touch on the prostate. And as the name suggests it is a model that was built with mostly the PRO players in mind.

If you are a newb to prostate massage, you can also try out the Nexus Revo Stealth or read our guide on how to use Aneros toys.

This is a great fit for beginners as it has vibrations and a rotating tip for prostate stimulation.

Basically, it does most of the work for you, unlike the Aneros models.

#4 Prepare For The Journey With Aneros

As I always advise, it’s important that you prepare yourself before embarking on this journey.

While it’s true some hit this road rolling, others get quite a challenge achieving the Aneros Super-O… And this is partly due to unpreparedness.

The most important part of this process is awakening your prostate. 

This will make an Aneros user better understand his body. This also fine-tunes the body’s reactions to the Aneros toy, therefore, creating familiarity.

To start this off… You may want to do some kegel exercises, plus relaxing and contracting your anal sphincters.

Some users may start feeling mild pleasure over time even without inserting the Aneros!

If you crack all this, you will observe that you’ll attain an improved psyche. This stems from the relieving emotional and physical Super-O experience.

It’s a natural occurrence resulting from the alteration of brain chemistry and hormonal releases. And this happens before, during, and after the climax… Nothing to worry about.

#5 Best Position For Aneros

Here are 4 positions that you could use when adventuring for a Super-O. They can all work when you’re solo or with a partner.

#1 On Your Side

This is my top recommendation for you. It’ll leave you with one free hand that you can use to adjust or caress your body parts.

It’ll also give a partner full hind access for an easy control experience.

To do it… You first lie on your side. Then pull the upper leg all the way to your chest. Use your free hand to insert your Aneros and you’re good to sail.

#2 On Your Back

This is great as the body gets support from your back leaving both hands free in the process.

To do it… Lie down on your back. Then pull both your knees up to your chest to a comfortable level. You can use one hand to insert the Aneros and the other to stimulate other body parts.

#3 Doggy

This keeps almost all of your limbs engaged most of the time. You’ll spend most of the time on all fours, so it’s important you are on a soft surface like the bed or couch.

To do it… Simply get on all fours as in doggy style. Then, if you’re arms are long enough, reach between your legs to insert the Aneros in your butt.

If not, then you can reach around your back as well.

#4 On Your Stomach

It is also great but poses a challenge of lying on your erect penis. This may steal your focus away from the prostate stimulation and ruin your experience. 

To solve this, you can use a strap over your penis or cock cage.

For this position… Lie on your belly and use either of your hands to insert and control the Aneros in your rectum.

Other Men Stories & Tips:

Read other users’ experience and tips on Aneros Super-O from Reddit:

“I stuck in my Helix. I instantly started to feel contact. But this time I wasn’t touching my dick. My mind started to wander, but I brought it back to my sense of touch.

My prostate sensations were almost unbearable, it actually felt like it was stinging. But I was determined so I let my mind wander to the old spank bank.

And then about 20 minutes later I started having continuous p waves. I didn’t even know it was happening, I was stuck in my mental Pound Town montage. My prostate felt so warm and golden, I was quickly brought back to my senses.

My legs were twitching. It just felt right to move them. But that first position felt good so I went back to the first one and returned to the second. Rinse and repeat, and it was getting fast. My prostate was controlling my body.

My legs, my arms, my torso, they’re all part of its hypnotized puppet, and pleasure is its goal. Not one, not two, not three, but four Super O’s back to back.”


“I get completely naked. I lube up and slowly slide it into myself. The head of it is near my prostate, but not pressing aggressively. That’s good. (If you feel any pain from entry, breathe here until you don’t.)

My next goal is to lie flat on my back and relax so hard that I can feel my heartbeat. Tension is the opposite of pleasure; it’s a survival instinct. (Do whatever you need to do to make this experience calm.

I find tensing and releasing tight muscle groups helps with this, as does telling myself out loud to relax deeper, deeper, deeper.)

Once I feel my pulse, I picture my pulse as a pulse of light that feels warm. Then I try to see if I can feel that pulse across my chest and upper arms.

Once I can, I track that feeling down to my fingertips, then from my chest down to my toes. I want to feel my whole body align on a single rhythm. 
I pay attention to the toy, and I can feel it gently tap, tap, tapping against my prostate.

It’s only tapping as hard as my heartbeat, but I can feel it. I’m very sensitive right now. The feeling behind my balls gets more…bright, more prickly, more firm. I know it when I feel it.

This starts to raise my heart rate… I do my very best to relax every muscle on my body, but I twitch more as my breath becomes shorter. Sometimes, I start to take shorter, faster breaths intentionally to gently accelerate the process.

At this point, I feel a constant sort of rippling, glowing feeling inside me, right behind my cock. That feeling gets bigger and brighter until my hole starts to quiver. That feeling grows as my body starts to shake, coming from my hole.

That’s my anal orgasm. I don’t ejaculate, I just feel that warm, tingly orgasm feeling from my forehead to my stomach to my kneecaps to my toes….(The “ascent” feels a little scary the first couple of times. You’ll feel an urge to go silent, to breathe less, to freak yourself out. Trust the good feeling. If you let yourself moan the way your mouth wants to moan, your ass will cum the way your ass wants to cum.)”



There go some important tips that can help you with your Aneros Super-O journey.

Just remember… Get the right Aneros toy, prepare your body and mind beforehand, and find a comfortable position.

Alternatively, you can try out other prostate massagers if the Aneros doesn’t work for you.

Hope you put all this in the bag, Bud.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Feel free to share and leave any questions in the Comments Section below 🙂


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