Aneros Helix Syn Review [2021]: Syn, Classic & Trident Models Compared

In this Aneros Helix Syn review you’ll learn which model is right for you: Syn, Classic or Trident. Also we suggest alternatives & give base usage tips:

Here it is, time for the Aneros Helix Syn prostate massager review. 

Now, I’ve had the Aneros Helix Syn for about 4 months, and the number of hours I used this toy in two months probably equals what others do in four. 

What can I say? I’m an overachiever, I was having fun, and I wanted to give an accurate, thorough review.

I’ll cover my experience with the hands-free Aneros Helix Syn prostate massager, which features: internal AND external stimulation, a sleek design, and is easy for beginners and experts to use.

There will also be a few big surprises I never expected. 

Ready to go? Let’s get to it.

The Good

It’s hands-free and stays in place! You could do the dishes while wearing this thing if you wanted — it makes housework a fun chore. It uses high-grade, body-safe materials designed and tested to be safe for use over multiple sessions. Plus, it’s super easy to clean.

It offers internal and external stimulation for people who need one or the other or both. And after only a few adjustments, it’s easy to insert, use, and remove.

The Not So Good

The flexible arms with the p-tab that stimulates the prostate from the outside are too flexible, and sometimes the sensations aren’t strong enough.

It might not be big enough for advanced users. If better always means bigger for you, check out the alternatives near the end of the review.

The Bottom Line

A fantastic toy for hands-free pleasure that will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and make cleaning the house way more enjoyable. Okay, maybe the last one is a little bit of a stretch, but you can do other things while wearing the Helix Syn. 

Aneros Helix Syn is for you if:

  • You want hands-free pleasure
  • You already understand Kegel exercises
  • You want external and internal prostate stimulation

Aneros Helix Syn is not for you if:

  • You’re a beginner to prostate play
  • You need a smaller or much bigger toy

My First Impressions Of Aneros Helix Syn

When I first took the Helix Syn out of the packaging, I’ll admit it’s a very pretty toy that is very soft to hold while still having some weight. It was sleek looking, and the black and red color scheme was a nice touch. 

The little arms are cute too.

Never judge a book or sex toy by first impressions. Yes, the Helix Syn is pretty, but it is designed for maximum comfort and pleasure.

Performance aside, you could sum up the Helix Syn in one line just by its look: 

This is a slightly squishy, aesthetically pleasing toy of average weight and size that should appeal to beginners and experts alike.

Aneros Helix Specs Comparison

Here’s a rough by-the-numbers comparison of the four Helix products before we dive into our Aneros review.

Tip Width
Insertable Length
Stem– Perineum Distance
Tip Width
1.06 inches
0.98 inches
1.06 inches
0.97 inches
Insertable Length
4.00 inches
4.00 inches
4.00 inches
4.00 inches
Stem– Perineum Distance
1.75 inches
1.75 inches
1.75 inches
1.65 inches
Silicone/ABS plastic
Silicone/ABS plastic
ABS plastic
ABS plastic

Aneros Helix Sex Toys – Which One Should You Get?

The Aneros Helix prostate massager line has four different offerings that vary by materials used, the size of the toy, and the weight distribution, which can affect how you use it. 

This line of Aneros prostate stimulators uses medical-grade materials, has an ABS rigid plastic core, and two models come with a silicone outer layer. The other two can have silicone added to them for an extra charge.

Aneros Helix Syn

It has a solid plastic core that doesn’t bend too much and feels secure after insertion with a velvety medical-grade silicone covering. A flexible p-tab helps stimulate the prostate from the outside while you’re wearing it.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident

The Syn Trident is smaller than the original Aneros Helix Syn silicone prostate massager. However, it still has the same hard inner core with a smaller tip width, so initial insertion is easier. It has better construction, too, with less flexible arms and better overall distribution.

Aneros Helix Classic

The classic Helix design without the newer addition of a silicone outer layer. Although you can add the silicone layer now, some people might like the more rigid outer texture, which is less squishy. Fans of glass or tough dildos might appreciate a firmer feeling.

Aneros Helix Trident

Take the classic and add in a more angled head and better-balanced weight distribution, and you have the Trident. This toy has the smallest tip width, so if a smaller head floats your boat, choose this toy to start with.

How Does the Helix Syn Feel?

The Syn doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy. Even the little arms that have the p-tab don’t feel like they might break easily. And they looked like great handles to pull it out with, too. 

Spoiler: those little arms were indeed great handles.

On the other hand, I didn’t feel like I was holding a brick either, which is good since I don’t want something cheap, flimsy, or a brick anywhere near my prostate. 

I had no reservations trying it out; in fact, after examining it, I had a good idea what it might feel like as I’ve tried prostate massagers before. 

EXCEPT for the little arms, it’s a classic design that’s proven to work. 

The Syn being hands-free also got me excited. Although I was a little worried that I won’t feel something because it doesn’t have the fancy stuff.

You know, a vibrator or a rotating head… a little soft on the outside. But I was WRONG!

After insertion, I couldn’t deny it was there, but it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or awkward. It was just as comfortable to hold. And when I squeezed, it didn’t hurt at all. 

The thing about new toys is that there will be some adjustments on the user’s part.

I was surprised that I didn’t have to do something new with the Syn. After inserting it, I could start having fun with it.

And without using my hands, I can just relax and focus more on the pleasurable sensations.

Using Aneros Helix Syn Step-by-Step

Since the Helix Syn is a hands-free toy, using it is more complicated than using a vibrator or a vibrating prostate massager. 

You’ll have to use your pelvic floor muscles by contracting and relaxing your sphincter (AKA Kegels).

I’ve been doing Kegels exercises for god knows how long. So, it’s not an issue for me.

But if you’ve never tried squeezing these muscles, here’s the good news:

They only get stronger once you start to use them.

If you’re unsure what I mean by Kegels, it’s when you tense your butt, and it feels like everything contracts.

You’re using that type of movement to tense and relax the muscles to hold the toy. 

When you do, the toy’s shaft flexes and moves the prostate massager, and the large massager head rubs against the inside wall and the prostate. 

When you’re new to anal play or prostate massagers, it may feel like it takes forever to get something to happen, but you have to be patient.

The muscles have to learn what to do, and it’s worth it! 

PRO TIP: Try using it standing up with your hands on your sink and contract and relax around the toy. Or lie down on the bed face down and try in that position. 

It will work in whatever position feels comfortable to you. 

Just make sure when it does start to work that you have a way to stay standing. I mean, jelly legs from a super O are a thing, and floors are hard. 

My First Time With Aneros Helix Syn

Here’s how it went for me. 

I used plenty of water-based lube (safety first!). The Syn’s tapered design meant that it went in without a problem and with little effort on my part.

It just kind of glided in like it knew what to do and had been preparing for this moment! 

Joking aside 😛 , it felt as comfortable as pushing a finger inside.

It then took very little repositioning to get it into place. And when I sat down, I knew right away that it was where it should be.

I’m no stranger to prostate toys (duh). But I think a beginner would appreciate how much the toy’s design helps guide you to the right spot

It was super comfortable to wear both lying on my back and lying on my stomach. I didn’t try standing up the first time, but I did later, and I think I prefer lying down since gravity works with me rather than against me. 

It took me a few tries to feel things. But once I started contracting and releasing my muscles, I def felt it massaging my insides. Plus, little nudges against my prostate

It was a relaxing massage at first that got better and better each time. I reached O status the first time, but it did take some effort.

From there, it was just practice and experimenting — two things I enjoy when it comes to new toys.

Taking it out was easy, and I never worried about it coming out on its own. It felt secure and safe, which are the other two things I want to feel with prostate toys.

Cleaning Your New Toy

Cleaning up is easy. Just wash it immediately after use with mild soap and water or a specifically designed toy cleaner. Then, air-dry or use a lint-free towel to dry it off.

By the way, the keyword for cleaning is ‘immediately.’ 

Silicone, even medical-grade silicone, can still hold odors if it’s not cleaned correctly and promptly. 

Make sure to check Aneros’ instructions as well.

Buying the Helix Syn

The best place to buy it is on Aneros’ website. 

It’s not a cheap toy, but it’s excellent value for money. Also, it’s a fantastic entry into anal play because if it’s not your thing, you haven’t wasted a lot of money on a toy.

Other People Like It, Too.

Reddit has numerous comments about the Helix Syn and the other toys in the lineup, with most feeling it’s a good beginner toy and a safe introduction to Aneros. 

“The Aneros Helix Syn Trident is the first prostate toy that gave me the otherworldly orgasms I was dreaming about.”

joboful, Reddit

“All I had to do was lay there… I didn’t even touch myself or use my hands at all in the beginning. My body took its own course, and I literally thought I was getting laid, hands-free!”

Anmwe, Reddit


Here are some alternatives if the Helix Syn isn’t quite right for you.

Aneros Progasm

Bigger Sometimes is Better

Is the Helix Syn too small for you? 

If you think bigger is better and firmer is too, plus you’re a more experienced P massager user, then the Aneros Progasm might be the massager of your dreams. 

The Progasm works on the same basic concept of hands-free massaging that relies on Kegel exercises to make it work. But it’s bigger and firmer and not at all squishy like the silicone-covered Helix Syn. 

If you need a personal account of the difference between the two, check out this Reddit breakdown. When a toy is named “Your Majesty” by a Reddit commenter, you know it’s not playing around.

Nexus Revo Stealth

The Upgrade

The Nexus Revo chimes in that sometimes a little movement goes a long way with a rotating head in addition to the typical prostate massage. 

Sometimes you’re allowed just to lie back and let a toy do the work. After all, you bought the toy!

This alternative is not quite a vibrator while still being hands-free other than the little remote control that comes with it. Instead, it exists as a coming together of both worlds, thanks to its little rotating head.

Unlike other toys that move, the Revo is discreet and silent, too, so dream up all the possibilities that afford you.

Final Thoughts

The Helix Syn is a great toy. I’d certainly recommend it to beginners of anal play and as an entryway into the Aneros line of hands-free prostate massagers. 

You’ll feel comfortable enough with the design that you’ll want to put it in, and there’s enough room to explore that you’ll want to try it often. 

Check out the Aneros Helix Syn product page in the link below, give it a shot and see what you think for yourself.

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