Your Guide To 3D Printed Sex Toys & Dildo Creation

3D printing is very popular, so it’s natural that people are thinking about using it for printing sex toys as well.

3d printer and a model of a dildo

It’s a fairly new concept, but there are plenty of websites online showing you how to do it and where to create your perfect dildo shape. 

In today’s post, I wanted to quickly go over everything that goes into printing your own sex toys if you’re new to this and would be interested in trying it out for yourself. 

Let’s jump right in:

Safety Precautions Of 3D Printed Sex Toys

Before we get to the interesting part of how on earth you 3D print a dildo, we need to talk about the safety and the risks of 3D printed toys. 

3D printed sex toys are not very safe to use for a few reasons:

#1: They’re Made Out Of A Material That Is Not Antibacterial

The first and most important part is the fact that they’re not made out of non-porous material, which allows easy cleaning and protects you from bacterias.

This is very important when we talk about using sex toys, and you don’t want to catch infection just because you didn’t think about it beforehand. 

Now, there is good news:

You can get special types of silicone coating to coat your toy and make it more secure to use. 

Or you can 3D print out a mold and then use silicone to make the actual toy that you’ll use, which will make it safe for you. 

But keep in mind that putting a 3D printed toy fresh out of the printer inside you might not be a good idea. 

#2: They Can Have Sharp Edges Which Can Hurt You

3D printed sex toys are printed, which means that they can have sharp edges that will hurt your body. 

If you choose to use the 3D printed toy, make sure to sand it as well as you can and coat it with something so that it doesn’t hurt you when you use it. 

It’s not a fun thing to get stabbed by your dildo…

What You’ll Need to 3D Print Sex Toys

Here is the list of all the tools and materials you might need to 3d print your toys:

#1: 3D Printer

First and foremost, you will need to have a good 3D printer at home. 

It’s fairly easy to find one nowadays, and they’re not that huge that one will take up your whole room at home. 

However, they’re fairly pricey and can cost up to $300 and more, so it’s definitely an investment. 

Because of the price of the printer, it might be a better option to use a rented one or the one in your local shop instead of buying the whole thing yourself. 

#2: Sculptor Tool

This tool will be the thing where you will be designing your sex toy. 

There are a lot of different tools like this that you can find online. One great example is here.

You can easily design your preferred dildo and then use the plan to print it out!

If you’re not interested in designing a sex toy yourself, don’t worry:

There are tons of different sites that can create a design for you, and you can even send them pictures of the dick that you want. 

So, if you have a crush on a celeb and have their dick pic, you can now get a dildo made after it!

Your other option here is to simply buy a plan of pre-designed toys, and there are plenty of websites that sell those design plans online. 

As you can see, lots of different options are here for you. 

#3: Base Material For Mold And Cast

You’ll need to create a mold if you want to get a silicone toy, and for that, you’ll need a special material. 

There are plenty of options out there for you to choose from, so if you know one brand that you like, you can go with it. 

 One of the most popular options is this Dragon Skin product. 

#4: Liquid Silicone

And lastly, you’ll be needing some silicone for your toy. 

It’s always best to choose the best quality you can find and afford as you want only the best to go inside your body. 

Most people recommend getting the Dragon Skin silicone as it’s one of the best on the market. 

But if you want something easy and affordable, your best bet will be to go with Clone-A-Willy silicone. 

You can get your hands on it here.

How To Create A 3D Printed Dildo

So, how the hell do you create a 3D printed dildo? 

Here is a simple step-by-step process:

#1: 3D Print The Original Model

The first thing you’ll want to do is to get your 3D dildo design ready. 

Whether you choose to design it yourself or to get a pre-made design online, it’s up to you. 

Once you choose the dildo design, print the original model with the printer. 

It’s not going to look ideal, and I recommend doing some sanding at this stage. 

Make sure that the 3D printed dildo looks just like you want the end result to look like. 

#2: Make A Mold For Your DIldo

Your next step would be to take the mold material of your choosing and create a mold for your dildo. 

First, you will need to find a box or a container that will hold the mass of the mold until it’s done. 

Then, mix up the mold mixture according to the instructions on the packaging. 

Place your 3D printed dildo inside your container; it’s best if it stands on the base in the middle of the container. 

Then, pour your mold mixture and wait for it to get solid. The waiting times will depend on the mold mixture you chose, so follow the instructions for the best results. 

Once your mold is hard, take it out of the box, remove the 3D printed dildo model, and here you have a perfect dildo mold ready to be used!

#3: Fill It And Add Final Touches

The next step in this process is to take the silicone mixture you chose and mix it up following the instructions. 

Then, you want to avoid the silicone sticking to the mold and preventing you from removing it properly when it’s time. 

You can use Ease Release 200 to spray the mold inside before filling it with the silicone. 

It will make the removal process so much easier, but if you don’t have access to this product, you can make do without it as well. 

Fill in the mold with your silicone mixture and leave it be for however long it says in the instructions. 

Once enough time has passed, carefully remove the silicone dildo from the mold, and here you have it!

Your 3D printed silicone dildo is ready to be used. 

#4: Or… Simply Order It On Etsy

I’m going to be honest with you here:

If you struggle to find the right dildo on the market, instead of going through all this trouble and DIY it yourself, why not simply get a custom made option from Etsy?

It will be cheaper in the end, and you won’t have to deal with so many different steps and long waiting times. 

Also, unless you’re planning on making more than one dildo with your 3D printer, it might not be worth it keeping all of those ingredients and the printer itself at home. 

I have written a full guide on where to get custom made dildos, and you can read all about it here

Other People Tips & Experience

And now, let’s see what other people have to say about 3D printing sex toys on the internet:

I’m going to guess that you’d probably be better off casting stuff with printed molds.

As far as fdm printing is concerned you’d probably have to post-process each print with some sort of coating … there are concerns for food containers housing bacteria in the porous surfaces, you wouldn’t want that happening on a sex toy either lol.

Also fdm machines would give you a terrible surface for fapping 8).


You could always coat the inside of the mold in a food-safe wax like beeswax or cutting board wax.

You would have to reapply the coating every time you make a cast but it may also act as a mold release agent so you could be able to skip that step of the mold prep process.


I have a small business revolving around exactly this sort of thing. Don’t use an actual print as a toy directly, but you can use molding silicone (Mold Star for block molds, Rebound 25 for brush-on glove molds) on a print, then fill the resulting mold with platinum-cure silicone (EG Dragon Skin or Ecoflex).

Take care to use mold release (Mann Ease Release is fantastic) if you should choose this method because silicones will bind to each other and you’ll lose both your mold and your final product.

Smooth-On’s site has a ton of tutorials on molding, casting, and coloring silicone. It’s not cheap if you’re doing it right, but the toys are safe, can be sterilized, and will not leach dangerous chemicals.



And here you have it – everything you need to know about 3D printing sex toys and how to do it right. 

It’s always fun to experiment with different things and find ways to spice up your sex life. 

If you’ve been interested in trying out 3D printing sex toys, I think it can be an interesting experience for sure. 

But I always think your best bet will just go and order a custom made sex toy if you’re looking for something, in particular, that’s not on the market.

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